NAP 250 - Flatcap - NAC112

Hello forum

I’m Having difficulty understanding the configuration of the above,

I currently have NAP250 XLR to FLATCAP DIN4

This isn’t working and I can’t see another configuration.

Any help would be appreciated.


Are you using a proper Naim SNAIC5 between the NAC112 and the Flatcap?


What source are you using and how connected?

You need a blanking plug too, it’s in the manual.

Even when you get sound out of your combo, I’d be surprised if you find long-term satisfaction from this setup.

112 is the most entry level pre that Naim have ever released; the Flatcap is the minimum quality psu for getting any sound from it whatsoever.

The 250 is pretty near the top of the pile for power amps.

This is the wrong way round! A top level pre fed with a satisfactory source, even with a low level power amp, will get the best performance from that power amp and probably sound really good. But a 250 fed by a poor source / pre will probably sound harsh and muddled.

If you can afford to, sell the 112 and replace with 32.5, 72 or better - you’ll thank me later.

Typical, the OP merely sought advice on how to get wired up.


It may not be an ideal combination, but if all is well then the OP should at least get some sound out of it all, so first let’s try to get to the bottom of why it isn’t working.


The 5DIN from the Flkat cap is in there

With a Flatcap then there’s no need for the link plug.

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Yes, fair enough, he should be getting sound from it - agree 100%. Sorry for jumping the gun.

Has the amplifier ever worked?

For connection to a 250 you remove the link plug and connect that 5 pin to the flatcap 5 pin. The flatcap 4 pin connects to the 250 xlr.

Edit, I’m all good now, I tried all three DIN4 ports on the Flatcap, The one closest to the DIN5 works, the other two appear to not work ( for this function at least, maybe they have a different function.


Excellent, and welcome to the forum, stay around there’s loads of interesting stuff on here.

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Great, let’s talk about upgrading that pre-amp now :joy:

Flatcap to hicap first. :thinking:

Where’s the fun in that :rofl:

You’re absolutely right. Spending other people’s money, even notionally, is almost as much fun as buying something for yourself.


I sometimes think my attempts at humour are wasted :roll_eyes:.

Won’t let that stop me though :wink: