Nap 250

I am in the process of upgrading from a Supernait 3/Hicap to NAC 282/NAP 250/2x Hicap. I’ve just bought the NAP250 off eBay, can this be connected to the Supernait3/Hicap and if so what connection is needed. Just as a stepping stone thought while I’m looking for the 282. In advance, thanks.

Although the pic below is for the SN2 and shows a NAP200, the connections between SN3, Hicap and 250 are the same. You’ll have a DIN4 to XLR cable between Hicap and 250 which should be supplied with the 250.


Thanks, that’s a real help. Any idea what improvement might come?

Fantastic at low level listening with the 250. You will get much better control and the music becomes far more detached from the speakers.


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