Nap 250

Hi all,
I think that £1700 for a 18 years old(serviced in 2015)Nap 250 are too much.What do you think?Thank you.


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I realise one can easily be swept up with Naim nostalgia but have a look at what a new one costs today and what the original cost new in its day and it should be obvious how much of a bargain this is (not).


It’s above the going rate but a bargain relative to a brand new 250

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Would be a fair price for a 250.2 , serviced in 2015. But for olive 250, I feel it’s expensive.

Thanks for the comments so far,much appreciated.Merci bien Frenchrooster,it is .2.Thank you Sloop_John_B,it is not a matter of swept up with Naim,althought I love this English brand,but bear in mind that prices change outside Uk.

For a private sale in the UK, I would expect to pay a bit less than that. If it’s a Naim authorised service and comes from a dealer, it’s not so bad, especially if it’s an authorised Naim dealer offering some sort of warranty.
If the service included the DR upgrade, it’s a bargain!

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Thank you ChrisSU

2002 olive 250 is so called last series. Here in Germany these ones are also sold for higher prices. When service is brand new and the unit is excellent condition, I would says you might consider. I have 2 spare olive 250 (so far it has come) here. An early one from 1990 serviced 2004 will be max. 700€.
I recently bought 135 from 2002 with brand new service from class A. They were not cheap, but worth every penny. :o)

1700£ (2100 €) is too much.

Vielen dank drago.


Today’s rate.

I just looked at the dollar row.
1900 Euro … still some money but with clean history and with looks like new … you may give it a look. From Germany perspective. In Uk the prices seems more moderate.

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