NAP 250DR and ND5 XS2

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It looks like I can get a 250DR for a very good price. I’m wondering if it’s possible to pair with a ND5 XS2, and use that as a pre-amp ?. If so, is the only way to control playback (volume, mute, pause etc), via the NAIM app ?. Ideally I’d like to have a remote control as well, as unlocking and IOS device for volume control is a little cumbersome. That’s if it’s not hiding somewhere behind the couch…

Also can the 250DR power another device, such as the ND5XS2 - or only the NAIM classic pre-amps ?

The new streamer has a digital volume control to get Apple airplay certification…not really a preamp as such. For best results you need a Naim preamp to set the bandwidth etc for the NAP 250. By all means try and see if you like it…but i doubt that it will match a Naim preamp.

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The 250DR doesn’t power anything but itself. The 200 powers a 202 or 282, but 250/300/500 don’t have that facility.

Someone of this parish tried the NDX2 without pre-amp (straight into a 300DR), as he wasn’t prepared to dish out Naim monies for volume dial duties… It didn’t quite work out to his satisfaction… In the end, he bought a Chinese tube pre-amp if my recollection is correct.

One answer is to get a 272. It matches perfectly with the 250, is self powered and gas a remote that does the things you want. It’s a good idea to look at the various products on the Naim website so that you can work out what powers what and what works with what.

Right I see. Can the 200 technically power anything, such as the ND5 XS2, or only the classic preamps ?
Streaming is important, as well as box count. But I’m trying to shy away from a Uniti all in one. With a 272, I would still need to invest in a streamer.

I guess, if a ND5XS2 / 250 combination works well sonically, I can perhaps get by with the naim app, as the only control point.

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The ND5XS2 is self-powered — so that’s not the problem. If you have a pre-amp, a 200(DR) could power a 202 and 282.

The 272 includes a streamer. The ND5xs2 does not work well with the 250. You’d need a preamp. Look at the website and see what does what.

Correct that the 272 could work, however it’s the old streaming platform/technology on the 272, which is not what I want.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

No, on two different levels.

One, the 200 only powers the preamps in the range up to 282 (i.e. 152XS, 202, 282). It cannot power any of the digital products.

Secondly, the ND5XS2 doesn’t accept any kind of external PSU anyway. The NDX2 does as an option, but requires a PSU that provides power to both digital and analog circuits, such as the XP5-XS, XPS-DR or 555PS.

If you have a ND5XS2 it is entirely a self-powered unit. There is no PSU upgrade for it.

primaluna, not chinese but assembled in China.

Thanks @frenchrooster – your memory is better than mine.

HH suggestion is the right one.

Recently one of the members thought adding a DCS NB streamer to his 272 would make a big uplift. it did, but that is because he removed the cisco 2960 from his 272… and then he sold his DCS NB and got himself a PS555.

I would get the 272 since it is is now at a good price.

This is the thread


Good one. Although it won’t suit everyone, I’m in the same spirit with one input on the preamp. Perhaps 2 inputs at the very most.

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The thing is, those redundant inputs hardly add anything to the cost of the unit. Once you’ve done the R&D on designing an input signal path and implemented it, replicating it for 5 other sources makes not enough difference to the cost of production to affect retail price. Dropping them just excludes a few (but still significant number) of customers. But having them impacts users with only 1 source not at all.

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There are some good deals on supernaits and nait xs2s at the moment, add an nd5xs2 to either of those and you have the latest streaming platform and a full function amp. How a 272/250 compares to that I’ve no idea, get a demo. A 282/hI/250 is of course a considerable step up (you’d do better with an NDX2 in that case too) but a 250 with no pre? Not so much.
I assume you already have speakers, what are they? Do they need a 250 to control them?

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I know, if I’m on the sidelines, why don’t I just shut up? I don’t have a life, and I love the Forum!:grin:

I guess we can all qualify and write articles relating to the Pre-amp!

And yes Timbre, ‘Is the preamp a thing of the past?’ that is the central theme.

And yes Yeti, there’s no substitute for experience which allows one to aid and direct members!!!

BTW, I think you nailed it.

The following is just to support what you gentleman have expressed in your own words:

The best 19 stereo amplifiers of What Hi-Fi?'s lifetime.

We recognise 19 of the best stereo amplifiers to have made their way through our test rooms.

Late 20th Century Modernism:

“This Naim came in three parts, with the 32 pre-amp, its accompanying power supply and the now legendary 250 stereo power amplifier. It was a popular combination that made up many hi-fi users’ systems in the 80s, and was capable of delivering drive, dynamic punch and powers of organisation that few could match. It was an impressive combination and the 250 has proved to be so popular that it’s received several makeovers since, getting better with each iteration.”

It is a business Focal/Naim Merger 2011

2014: Postmodernism

Naim’s Supernait 2

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