NAP 250DR or Nac 282 first for SN2 upgrade?

Probably looking to keep the SN2 for a while before I go complete separates, but curious if there is a preferred order to upgrade here?

Seems like the 250 allows me to keep using headphones (which I occasionally do), but the 282 may have the more noticeable SQ improvement. Already have a HiCap DR. Unfortunately I don’t have a dealer nearby whereby I can audition.

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Getting the 282 first is best, though it will look weird with two volume controls and loads of buttons. But if sound quality comes first, it’s the way to go.


I would say 282 first, but if you are looking for a used or ex-demo purchase, just go for either if you see a good deal. You’ll get there in the end either way.

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Thanks Hungry… could you say if there was a discernible uplift with the 282 going into the SN2?

No idea, but improving the preamp first means you won’t go wrong.

What’s the rest of your system?

Nd5 xs2 > SN2\HiCap DR > Focal Kanta No1s

That’s a nice balanced system as it is…
As others have said… which ever comes your way first at a good price is the way to go

If the SN2 can drive the speakers okay, it would be worth considering source improvements first. The SN2 will easily show improvements to the streamer, interconnects and speaker cables. If you then go to separates, these benefits will follow through with the new electronics. With my SN2, I’m running a NDX2 with an XPS DR and Superlumina interconnect and cables.


The question implies ending up with a 282/250 together eventually.

If it was me, I’d use the SN2 for another year or whatever and then get the pair together. Strategic upgrading vs tactical upgrading if you will.

My preference is always for infrequent but bold changes rather than the annual “box swap/add” that most favour.


Does anyone know which of the two options for a staged move from the SN2 to a 250/282 enables the headphone stage of the SN2 to be utilised? The 282 into the SN2, or the SN2 into the 250?

At a guess, I would say the latter.

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When I got my 282 it was a staggering upgrade the minute I turned it on. I received my 250dr last week and it’s growing on me (burn in) but definitely not staggering.

Source first orthodoxy would say 282 but if your speakers are particularly demanding then perhaps the 250?



Thanks mdownes. I received my 282 last week. You are not kidding… the difference was noticeable on the first note. I’m running it through my SN2 and it’s just so fun. To me the music has a lot more air/separation and voices and wind instruments sound sublime. I’ve never really been someone that feels that there is a certain boggy or magic going on… but damn, there is something else about the music now that I can’t really describe but am in love with.

Obviously I’m contemplating the 250 but I’m torn between that and getting an ndx2 with xps power supply. Will be very interested in your thoughts on the 250 a little bit later as it gets settled.

On a slightly more downbeat note though, i purchased through my local dealer about four weeks ago. The retail price quoted was US $8,995. About two days later Naim USA dropped their prices on certain products including the 282. So when I received the amp it had gone down to $7,500. My dealer is talking to the naim rep but there hasn’t been resolution yet. So keep waiting and I recognize that that coronavirus is slowing things down… and in fact this matter is trivial compared to all that’s going on right now. But would like naim to be a bit more cooperative with my dealer. We’ll see what happens.

But gotta say loving the nac282!


Congratulations on the new purchase of the NAC 282. I hope you will get the issue sorted out with your local dealer.

It is good to note that the 282 brings a lot more to the table than the SN2. I don’t have experience with the comparison between NDX2/XPS and NAP 250DR or Focal Kanta No. 1 but can highly recommend the 250DR and Hicap DR for the 282. As a combination the 282/HCDR/250DR forms a musical, solid and balanced sounding system.

I’ve. had my 282 for many years now, never felt the need to upgrade.

I would do the 250DR first. Then you can jump up to a better pre amp later.

I see a RE Bullet Logo… :smile:

Made like a Gun
Goes like a bullet ( slow )


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