NAP 300 DRd

Hi guys. Apologies if the info is somewhere already available on the forum, I went through 100s of pages and couldn’t find it:
Assuming I go for a 300 that was serviced and DRd (originally from 2003, serviced and upgraded to DR in 2016), does that service also include the replacement of the end-stage transistors to NA009, or the operation only covered the upgrade of the power supply unit?
End question being: is an upgraded 300 DR equal to an “original” DR, from all perspectives?

That is normal for Naim.

Am sure @Richard.Dane can confirm this.

On the basis that the service was carried out at the Naim factory, a 300 upgraded to 300DR is the same as one originally made as DR.

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Apart from the age of the parts that aren’t swapped during a service (casework, transformer etc.), it should otherwise be the same.

Great, thank you!

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