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Hi. This is a bit weird, but every time I play the latest album from Sunn))), Life Metal, the fan of my NAP300 starts after a few minutes. Ive had the amp for many years and cant remember it happend before. Volume control is set at 9 o’clock, and it does not sound that loud.
Some tones on this album triggers the fan of the 300.

Interesting! I’ve only had my 300 for a couple of months, but I’ve never heard the fan.

One potential cause could be subsonic frequencies (which might just mean below whatever your system reproduces) - you haven’t indicated what the rest of your system comprises.

Speaker cable?

Rest of system is NDS-555PS-252 (all DR)
Speaker cable NACA5.

Steve albini, analogue master recorder and all round studio boffin pushing your system to the limits.
Take it as a compliment, an honour that some stuff can still fox the best.

Which speakers? Volume at 9 o’clock is not very high. Might be interesting to download a different version of the same album. Or rip the cd yourself.

Its a CD rip on Unitiserve.
9 o’clock is a bit loud, but a system like this not have this problem?

Forgot to say that the speakers are Kudos 707.

Is the case hot when the fan comes on ? It ws 70 Celcius for a NAP135.

I’ve just played the opening track of this album from Tidal, and while my 250 doesn’t have a fan, there is some serious energy right across the frequency range, so I guess this track is making the amp really work hard. Being a regulated amp, it doesn’t give up when the going gets tough, so perhaps that’s why it’s getting warm. It’s certainly giving me N-Sub a workout.

I just gave it a quick play as well, certainly a high energy track. I have a relatively new nap300 dr, i could not hear or feel the fan running on mine.

@Gazza , maybe your room temperature is too low for your 300DR to start sweating? :crazy_face:

I had played 2 albums prior to the problem track, amp is warm, but no fan on. Yes the heating is off😉

Excellent thread and got me thinking last Sunn O)))) album I picked up was Soused with Scott Walker.

So quick look on Qobuz and blimey their pricing algorithm has blown a fuse and this is only £2.89. Like the old days at Woolworths.

Volume at 9 o’clock could demolish a house with the dynamics on this album.

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It was that Scott Walker album that lead me to this excellent group too.
Played the first track again now. But the fan did not start this time.
Maybe room temperature was a bit higher last time.
Maybe the volume was not excactly the same.
Lots of dynamics on this album!
I recommend it.

7digital are selling “Soused” in 24/96 for £6.95!

The opening track on that new album does contain a lot of continuous low frequencies, as apposed to a transient beat. This will work an amplifier quite hard.

The fan in a NAP135 is set to trigger at 44 degrees centigrade & is speed controlled according to temperature. The thermal trip will interupt the mains supply at 70 degrees (at the heatsink). I can’t remember off the top of my head what the temperature credentials for the NAP300 are - but I would imagine they would be very similar, the fan speed control circuits are fundamentally the same.

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about - it sounds like the cooling system is purely doing its job!


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