Nap 300 on Nac 272/xps

What does it bring to the bass performance? :blush:

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It’s more there…

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It’s difficult to say however there’s people here that seem to know and will be more than happy to elaborate. All I can tell you is I have a 272 with the XPS DR and very happy. There’s always something better and funds aren’t problem the 555PS would be the end game.

Now you are talking! 272 is top, now start listening music!!!

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Exactly. :+1:

Which just goes to prove the room is almost certainly the deciding factor. The 300DR was simply too much in my setting, whereas the 250DR, paired with 272 & 555PS, sounds fantastic, and no issues with bass control. My room dimensions are approx. 5.5 metres square, 2.7 metres high. Home demo before purchase a must if possible.

I agree with timmo, the acoustic properties of the room are a significant factor, (in my home/system probably the biggest factor). Home trial of the 250 and 300 is the right thing to do.

It’s easy to miss a simple EQ really…

Not wishing to be contrary but…

Earlier in the summer I posted elsewhere on here that my system was sounding a bit crap and lifeless with a distinct lack of bass presence, but rather than try to fix it I decided to sit it out based on prev exp that it would probably come good again. It has, in spades.

At the time it could have been the PS, or the newish interconnects, or the new stand, or the cable dressing, or anything else like air pressure or my sense of well-being as the cause that needed sorting out. I left it; apathy is often the best course of action at this age. On Saturday evening when the house was empty for a couple of hours I gave it some air and it sounded sublime, like it has for a while now. Nothing had changed in the intervening 3 months.


And don’t switch your Naim off for the good sound!!!

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My upgrade path was

  1. 272 / 250DR / PMC 25.23
  2. 272 / CHC-XPS / 250DR / PMC 25.23
  3. 272 / CHC-555 / 250DR / PMC 25.23
  4. 272 / CHC-555 / 300DR / PMC 25.23
  5. 272 / CHC-555 / 300DR / PMC 25.26
    The greatest improvement was going from XPS to 555 then 250DR to 300 DR. If you can, get a 555

I’m not sure, but you may have to remove references to 3rd party kit.

NAP 300 was sold, fortunately the buyer happened to sell his NAP 250 :grin:.

Will be collecting it on Saturday. Very interested in the improvement it will bring.

You mentioned once on a power cable thread that you kept using your Graham’s hydra to power your 555 and 272.

But now your profile says that you are using 2 Powerlines.

Is that instead of or as well as the hydra?


Hi Jim. I bought a 2-head Hydra when it was all a 272 + XPSDR -> 250DR, a couple of years ago.

The 555PS that I upgraded the 272 with soon after included a Powerline, I’ll confess I wasn’t aware of what it would do so retained the Hydra thinking that if / when I sell the 555 it’ll be a nice little selling point to have its unmolested mains cable still pristine in its box, until a discussion on here opened my eyes and the unanimous advice was ‘Use The Powerline’. I did; it wasn’t a night & day moment over the Hydra but another one of those incremental and noticeable improvements that make it all another step better than it was. 2 weeks later I sourced an ex-demo PL for the amp, and moved the Hydra along on eBay.

4 boxes, 2 are PS units so it needs just two Powerlines. V happy with them.

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Thanks - v useful update.

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