Nap 300 on Nac 272/xps

Will the NAC 272 with txps be a good enough source for NAP 300 (non dr) ?
No demoing possible but trade in of NAP 200 is

It will work and of course sound excellent but to get the best from the 300s using a 272 a 555dr gets you there.

rather than a 300 you would do better to trade in the non naim XPS for a PS555DR

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In the Naim world source first :slight_smile:

that, and of course, use a real naim PSU…

Heard a 272/XPS with a Nap 300. It’s great, source first is at best a guide, not a religion. You can seek out a 555 at a later date.

Might agree on source first. But this has something to do with opportunity.

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I think it also depends on the speakers used. I went from 250.2 non DR to 300 non DR. The source and pre was a 272 with XPS DR. Speakers were the B&W 802 D2. It was a major uplift in sound quality. Deeper bass and much better control. I think when you have speakers that may benefit from more power it can be a very good step to go for the 300. It is a really impressive amp.

Speakers are a pair of PMC twenty.25 23’s.

With a 300 you really want a 555PS. With the 25.23 I’m not sure I’d go beyond a 250DR.


Not up to the job?

Look guys before Naim developed the 555PSU as part of the CD555 project their recommended top system was the NAC552/NAP 500 with CDS3/XPS.

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I’ve read somewhere the 300 can be overblown in some occasions? Is that true?


Well yes, and half of a 555PS is not used with a 272, even though it sounds better according to reports (it’s too rich for me to try…).

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It depends on what you mean by ‘over blown’, my experience is that the 300 manages to deliver more bass from my speakers than my SuperUniti and as a result it is easier to excite the bass resonances of my room.

Room size is approx. 5,2m (length) and 4m wide at listening position. With open plan to kitchen/ dining area. Was wondering if this would give problems.

Ofcourse it works!!!, I have myself 272 wit XP5XS PSU, NAP300 DR and PROAC Response K6 speakers combination and I am very happy. I changed a NAP 250DR for the 300 DR, it is a serious improvement in control…
Of course it can always be better…, the sky is the limit…But I enjoy my combination!!

Does the XP5XS add clear benefits on the 272? If yes, can you elaborate a bit in which way? It’s a third in price of a XPSDR and some claim the XP5XS add 80% of what a PSU will do with the 272 and then you get the little extra with XPSDR and 555PSDR.

Absolutely, it’s a bargain (more or less…), if you can get one…second hand? The 272 is top in my opinion, but with the “cheap” xp5xs it’s performance is a class higher, especially the bass profits seriously from this PSU