Nap 300 speaker

Hi everyone I just purchased a Nap 300(no DR) and I’m going to choose the speaker for my system which is 2Hicap/282/300.
I demoed them with a Wilson Sophia 2 and I was extremely fascinated from this combo.
The bass was important but at the same time the medium and high were extremely accurate.
We tried with rock, with a voice like Adele, with opera music Pavarotti and finally with lounge music as Buddha Bar. The source were the streamer from Aurender.
Anyone have tried this combo? Especially
Nap 300 with Wilson Sophia 2? Thank you.

congratulations for your purchase (I sound like a product’s booklet!): I’ve written ad nauseam about how high my esteem for that amp is (FWIW). Wilson Sophias are great speakers, and ones that will probably won’t bore you for long (if ever). If you like the combo and have the money, why not? I’ve never heard a 300 and Sophias together but I have a soft spot for both.
(I once heard a pair of Sophias 1 in an extremely heterogeneous system: CDS3, XPS, the preamp section of an old Sony AV receiver and an older Musical Fidelity power amp; I appreciated the Sophias’ perfect imaging, clear and non-fatiguing voice, their authority and quiet control. Definitely a speaker system one could live with). Just my opinion,


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I tried Wilson Sophia 2 with NAP135 power amplifiers, the predecessor to the NAP300. Sounded super. The Sophia was designed to be easily driven and suits Naim power amplifiers well.

Found a photo from back when we tried them. The rear of the speakers were only 27cm from the wall behind them, so very room friendly. Positioning was optimised by no less than Pedro of Absolute Sounds. The man has a real gift!

You will be fine.

If you wish to try alternatives, then Neat, Kudos, Proac and Dynaudio are all popular matches with Nap300.

Hope this helps, BF

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It makes me want to look for a pair of used Sophias myself.


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I have Sophia 1 with 250 and originally started with 200. Havent tried with the 300 but am a bit tempted …

Wilson makes great speakers. You will be thrilled. Aurender is also an outstanding streamer. Good luck! Good choices!

As ever this depends on what works in your room.

thanks for the replies.
the fact that the Sophia 2 speakers are at 4ohm and the nap 300 offers 90watt per channel into 8 ohms could not be a problem?

thanks for suggesting other speakers.
I know that other brands are usually combined and not the wilson, do you think that the wilson are still excellent or do you think there may be defects? thank you

NAP300 almost doubles its rated power into single 4ohm loads, reaching a continuous 165W/ch.

You liked the Wilsons which is a great, its not always easy to find speakers you will like. But you now have an opportunity to hear others and then pick your favourite sounding speakers, if its still Wilsons then go for them. All the speakers suggested are great brands, cant go wrong really, but its how they sound to you that matters. Do some auditions and enjoy the process.

When I tried my 282/200 with Harbeth monitor 30.2 I was surprised from the natural sound of the speaker. Then I changed the 200 with the 300 and now I can have the chance to improve the bass sound that’s why I’m thinking about Sophia 2. Anyone have a feed with the bass on the Harbeth SLh5 plus ?
Thank you

I am confident that the Sophia will be lovely with a NAP300.

The bigger question is whether the Sophia (or any other very high calibre speaker ) can work well in your room. If you have tried them and they work, then buy with confidence. Any speaker of this calibre will need careful placement and set up. I recommend asking your dealer to help.

Hope this helps, BF

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