NAP 300 to Rel sub

Hi everybody. I have just taken possession of a 300 DR, to upgrade from 250 DR. Just to double-check before plugging it in:
The 300 is NOT a bridged design (as 500), so there is no difference between 250 and 300 in connecting a Rel sub via high-level connection: the black to -, the red and yellow to +.
Thank you in advance to whoever confirms first :slight_smile:


You’ll be fine but with Naim it’s best to connect from the speakers and not the amp.

Thank you Richard, when I mentioned + and -, I was referring to the speakers’ terminals :slight_smile:

Yup you’ll be fine. I have a balanced
bridged amp and I have to ground my REL on a separate ground like the chassis of the amp.

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I went from a 250DR to a 300DR some years ago and connect my REL subs to the speakers terminals. There is no difference between the two amps with regards to REL connections.

Is it different the connection to REL sub with a bridged amp (like 500 DR)? How is that different?

If it’s a true Balanced Bridge then the speaker outputs should NOT be used to ground anything except speakers… Most amps have a passive or floating ground, not so with Balanced Bridge a REL would need a separate ground; chassis , phono ground, anything except the speaker terminal

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