Nap 300 with carbon drive Proacs

Hi guys. I’m thinking about switching from a 250.2 to a 300 (non-dr) to drive my Proac D30R’s. Using 282/SC. I vaguely remember someone on the old forum commenting that there may be an incompatibility with the 300 and the carbon drive units on the Proacs. Tried doing a search on the old forum and unfortunately nothing comes up. The search function is only linked to thread titles from want I can gather. Can anyone help?
I’m not going to be able to home trial first and will obviously buy used.

I think that would be member Timmo.
He has the ProAc K6 ,and his from memory smallish room , was overloaded with K6/300 and he went with 250.2 instead.

He might be along shortly to advise.

What would « overloaded » mean in the context of a 300/K6?

Chag -

When I demoed the 300DR with K6 at home (my lounge is what I would describe as medium sized, at just under 30 sq mtrs) I found the bass produced to be virtually unlistenable. Boomy, overhanging, overwhelming. It had to be an issue with my room, as in the dealers demo room same system sounded fantastic. The dealer and I tried all usual quick and dirty solutions (speaker placement, spikes on/off, Herbie’s Gliders, different cables etc.) to no avail. Room treatment was totally out of the question, I was almost ready to shelve the entire upgrade. Then dealer consulted with Naim and ProAc, to be told this was not an uncommon issue, with Stewart Tyler of ProAc recommending we try the 250DR. I liked the sound produced by the K6 so much I was willing to try most things. Result - same, if not better, sound as I’d originally heard with the 300DR at the dealers!

Don’t ask me to explain, ‘cause I can’t. I accept what 99% of people say, that the 300DR is a significantly better amp (as it should be at more than double the price). All I know is that in my system, in my room, the sound produced by the 250DR/K6 combination is nothing short of magical. In my case it gave me a wife friendly reduction in box count, and saved me over £3k!

I would take this as a cautionary tale. Had I bought the 300DR without a home demo and with no return possible the result would have been lots of wasted time and a financial hit. I would never buy without a home demo, unless convinced I could resell without too much of a penalty.

Good luck.



Thanks! Quite an informative post.

Chag -

Hi Chag, it’s no big deal but your avatar appears to be a painting I did for my dealer over 20 years ago and still hangs in his store in Sydney, was just curious as to how you got the picture.

This one?


A quick google, and there it was!

Hi Pete;

I believe we have exchanged a few posts about it a few years ago when I adopted it. It must be a great painting. I wonder from time to time how large is the original and how it would look in my study. I just hope you are fine with me still using it as my Naim avatar.

Chag -

Thanks very much Timmo for the reply.
My room’s about 25sq m so your comments are giving me food for thought.
From what you could gather was this phenomenon present just with the DR version or did they mention the non DR 300 too?

Yes I do remember asking you but I didn’t think you responded and there’s definitely no problem with you using it. It’s just that I’ve never published it and was curious about how you came across it. Cheers.

Thanks timmo1341 are you able to send me the link or what you typed in google I’m unable to find it. Cheers.

Hi Pete

I just typed ‘painting of naim hifi’ into Google, went to the Images tab, and it was about the 10th result, under a defunct link to the old Naim forum! I just saved the image and posted it. Hope this helps.




No, the non DR version never got a mention I’m afraid. Good point though, that may have given a totally different result. There really are so many variables and combinations in this HiFi game, eh?

Best of luck


Spudgun sorry for highjacking your thread. If it’s a help I’ve recently upgraded my old non DR 200 for a new 250 DR and my 25 year old Royds have never sounded better. Tighter, punchier bass (no boom) which clearly has a start and a finish. Cheers.

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