Nap 300dr just wow!


It’s even more basic. couldCauseDivorce is always true.


Thank god the Classic boxes all look pretty much the same…I don’t think my wife twigged the 252/300 switch visually - she sure as heck noticed the sound though (I kept schtum) so that’s validation as far as I’m concerned!


Add my voice to those saying Wow!

When I got my 250 30-ish years ago, I had 72, basic LP12, Marantz CD52 2SE and Heybrook HB1s.

Yesterday it was doing a great job with a much better LP12, Superline, 52 and B&W 804 D3s.

Today, the 250 is out. I was expecting to buy (and get serviced) a pair of 135s. Instead, I bought a s/h 300DR. In my room and system, it gives exactly the benefits everyone else describes, but with absolutely no loss (quite the reverse) of foot-tapping boogie. Nothing has been transformed - it was a great system before - but the list of things that are definitely better is basically everything.


Very well put…I found exactly that…when I went from the 250 dr which was excellent…to an old non dr nap500… Things will get better and better…keep it powered all the time…enjoy.

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Still growing into my recent 300dr addition. It is indeed an uplift from the 250dr. It does though I think require more care and thought on speaker position, cable dressing etc…it is revealing of both the good and any potential weaknesses.
I have recently relocated my set up and first priority is a dedicated mains supply and wall sockets.
I have also ordered the morgana din/xlr pair.
It is a wonderfully cohesive amp and I think a better match for my Olympica Nova 2s
I also need to stop fussing and start enjoying :roll_eyes:


Good idea :sunglasses:

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