NAP 300DR to NAP 350

After extensive demo’s with my dealer I picked up my 350’s today and traded in my 300DR. I have been advised not to judge during the first few days but I can sense already this is a significant upgrade.
More detail to follow as they burn in.
The dimmed white lights sit nicely with my ‘green’ 555 / 552 in my opinion so no worries there.
Went straight to Power Lines I had so will not be able to comment on that particular mains lead upgrade.
I know many folks are considering this ‘upgrade’ so will try and be as helpful as I can as things warm up.

Looking forward to some listening!



Looking forward to hearing how it settles in.

Have done the same (but from a non-DR 300). Stunning. Now 5 days in and can’t stop listening. Hugely widened soundstage, separation, definition of all instruments, but especially bass. Lowered noise-floor. Not harsh at all. Fuller sound at low volumes. Really, really happy.

(By the way - using the supplied legacy leads (red for right) from the 552 my left and right channels were reversed. Fine on swapping them over).


Been thinking to do 350 mono or NAP 500 DR. Hope you can share more.


That’s fantastic news. I have listened to the 350s on a 332 333 300NPX 2 x 350 system with high end PMC speakers. Sounded very clear, dynamic and pretty damned good.


I’m a week in from exactly the same change. 552/300 (non DR to 350’s) - I think you have summed it up perfectly.

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I’m also having the same thought. On one side I think the NAP 350 having more power will absolutely man handle my Harbeths like I know they like. On the other I think from what users have stated the 500dr is the ideal match for a 552dr but it would cost be considerably more.

Updating on my original post.
Far wider soundstage, hugely involving.
Instrument detail is significantly improved but it all comes together musically.
Vocals you can imagine whoever being in the room with you.
Overall however the best improvement is in the bass, far more control and depth.
350’s versus 500DR, you would have to demo back to back, I have not done this but I have been advised it is way closer than you would expect.
I have done many upgrades over the years and this is a significant one.
Extremely happy indeed and still getting better as they run in.


Used the 500DR is now less than 2 x 350s.

I have heard both. Not sure which is better as I heard them both with different systems. Heard 500DR with 500 system and 350s with 300 series system.

I don’t think there’s much in it.

I imagine you’d be happy with either realistically, I think if you already have a NAP500 it’s a tougher choice, but those with existing NAP300’s in their system appear to be voicing generally favourable findings with the change.
I’ve only heard a full 300 Series system (6 boxes) driving Dali Kore speakers and found it very capable and having a firm grip on the timing and soundstage.


I think if you have full 500 system then 300 series is a sideways move or potential downgrade.

If you have 135s or 300DR then 2 x 350s makes sense. They are better in what I have heard.

But, they are brand new and prices will come down if you buy used in a few years.

I remember when ND555 came out. Now I have seen them sell for sub £6500.

Maybe wait things out. 500 series has come down alot used. Perhaps this is where to put the money.

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I am interested in upgrading from a 300dr, possibly to the 350’s as I expect them to sound ‘better’ in some way. Are we really saying though that the 350’s are as good as the 500DR at twice the price?

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I would say the new 350s are in same league as 500DR. That’s from what I have heard. The 500DR prices are going very low in UK used at present and are a bargain.

The 350s are 175 watts per channel as well. So go alot louder and have more power than anything before in this league.

Have you listened to them yet? This is key. I am not saying they are better than a 500DR. The 350s offer more power. It’s also a case of system synergy.

I just think the 350s are very very good and would consider them. Especially if you can get a good discount from your dealer on them.

My comparison is at list price though Dan. I can always find a bargain but the price of old kit doesn’t impact on its sq.

If the 350’s are that close in sq to the 500DR then Naim has either shot itself in the foot or are no longer going to make the 500DR.

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From the kit I have heard all the NC 300 series seems to be more like the old 500 series but with improvements.

Not yet and won’t be able to until the new year. No rush here but the next move has always to be in mind :grinning:
I also expect to find a bargain if I go for 350’s, ex demo or discounted in some way.

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I think Naim have upped their game. The OC have been around for ages. This new stuff is really quite special. My 15 year old son has better ears than me and said he could hear alot more with NC 300 series.

My system sounds fantastic. But this new stuff is very very clear and very low noise floor. Soundstaging is very good.

I love my 135 to bits but the 350s have made me think. They are really that good.


Thanks Dan as you’ve heard the 350s your impressions are very helpful. Although I will say one thing. I don’t know if it’s just me looking out for it but recently it seems ‘more detail’ seems to mean better for a lot of listeners.

Personally this hasn’t been my preference. I remember when I bought the Ayre Acoustics kx-5 twenty preamp. I think it was right after I had sold my 252/SUPERCAP and tried to move away from Naim.

Anyway when partnered with the 250DR the ayre had noticeably more detail but I wasn’t enjoying the sound anywhere near as much. The 252 somehow held my attention far better than the ayre. I concede in this example system synergy played a part but I still remember clearly that more detail didn’t equate to more enjoyment for me. I’ve never managed to get the drive that I get with Naim with other bits of gear which is why I’ve always returned to Naim.

My point is - I’m thinking between the 350 and 500Dr and even in comparison to my NAP 135s-
the newer gear will offer more of one or the other BUT will it be my preference?

In the case of the 350 over 500DR it’s the power.
In the case of the 500DR over the 135s it’s me afraid to lose the midrange focused presentation of my 135s

I would say the 350s are alot better than 135s.

Alot more power, wider soundstage and clearer presentation.

As for 500DR I would not say they are better. Different.

And you need to listen to them.

It’s a tricky one as 135s are so well resolved. I wouldn’t rush out and buy 350s new for sure.

They are another option to consider!

500DR at bargain prices would be top of my list but those 350s have more power and look very neat. Take up less space.

Tough call.