Nap 500 Vs Musical Fidelity NuVista 300

Hi, does anyone have firsthand experience of a comparison between NAP 500DR and MF NuVista 300?


Completely different beasts I would imagine plus typically the 500 would be paired with a 552 and the MF with a MF Pre. Interested to hear how the mix/match works. Plus I should imagine the best speaker match with the MF would be different to the Naim.

Either which, interesting comparison.



I ask, because I have an ND555 running through a 552 to the NuVista300, then to B&W803D4 speakers. The MF has HUGE power reserves, and vast headroom. BUT, I’m tempted by the NAP500. I suppose I’ll have to try and listen to the 500, if I can’t find someone who’s listened to them both. Perhaps I should ask Ken Kressler…

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Yes I saw that, I imagine the BWs work well with the MF, in which case perhaps leave well alone? Should be first rule of hifi!

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I’m an odd one, in that i have a MF NuVista 300 with a naim 282 etc.
It’s my last hangover MF item. Significantly modified my JS ( stage 3 he called it). Yes, huge power reserves etc.
I did hear a nap 500 at my dealers and was not impressed, but i put that down to my dealers dem room.
I may change the MF out for a nap300 as i need the space. But not before i have heard the nap at home.

Yes, it’s very “musical”, and I love the sound. But, you know how it is, can I improve the sound…

Really……oh yes I’m in denial………….!