Nap 500DR run in

There’s a wonderful synergy with full loom powerlines on 5-series IMO. I’ve tried a bunch of different cables but went back to Powerlines. Don’t be fooled by it being a “simple” design. I believe the lack of shielding give it other benefits that is more naim specifically dynamics and PRaT with that lush wonderful low end.

The 500 need many days to shine from cold. Once it peaks it will dig deeper than cold, it will flow easier, it will add more decay on the notes and scale and just sound more relaxed.

Also, when playing around with cables they need days to relax and come to song.


Exactly, powerlines are very good. And when a system is messed around with, cables in and out it will take some adjustment. In a weeks time it will sound much better.

Once set up just leave it alone and see how it sounds. You can fettle with cable dressing later.

I don’t have 500 series but my experience of 52 and 135s with quite a large system is get it all in and get cable dressing pretty good to start with and get system fired up. Then you can always tinker with cables making fine adjustments.

I have definitely noticed a difference with the 4 powerlines. Sound is darker, deeper bass and more coherent.


Give the 500 a few days to warm up @khan84 my none DR 500 (obviously run in) took a week or so to come on song from cold after that, wow.


Yes I intend to give it all the time it needs to settle in.

Also I was so careful not to let the Burndy cables touch the floor that after initial install I’ve now realised that they are actually touching the rear wall.

Looks like another tear down is due soon to correct this and swap over power cables to Naim Powerline.

I also had to raise my hifi rack using Burmese rosewood blocks that I had made from ‘Mavin’ manufacturer of my speaker stands. These were initially meant to go under the speaker spikes.

IME, one of the learnings from using Fraim is that it’s vital to have plenty of space behind it e.g. with mine, I’ve got a gap of ~29cm from the rear of the kit to the wall behind, and this is only just enough to allow burndies from my 555PSs to not touch the wall.

Of course, with the Fraim and/or other racks, this can be a large amount of listening room real estate to give up!

It also means, I can very carefully poke the vacuum cleaner nozzle in behind.


Indeed you’re absolutely right. However, my room is very small. It’s actually a shame to have such good piece of kit in such a small room. But it has its advantages with excellent room dampening. I can imagine there are people out there that have very difficult rooms.

I can afford to move my rack about an inch further from the wall which should clear the burndy cables.

I also have to place my speakers right next to my DAC with its huge transformers which again is far from ideal.


On the aspect of warm-up, I’d give the 500DR a week to come ‘on form’. IME, from cold, Naim kit can sound very alive and bass-lite, which can be very pleasing on the ear, as the detail of vocals and upper ranges can be very clear, perhaps unmuddied by bass. After a ~week, the bass comes in.

As a side comment, one of things I learned, is that moving towards and getting in to the focal point of a speaker set-up is far better than backing away (in seating terms), the latter inviting potential issues with reflections et al. So, small can sometimes be beautiful :grin:

…and a better amp is always the way to go. As has been said many times, a 500 is a far better quality amp, not just a beefier one. Enjoy!


Quite right about the NAP 500DR. I remember reading the character of the 500DR is a little similar to the NAP 135s but enhanced in every area. So far I’m definitely hearing this. Thank God it doesn’t sound slow or boring like a few other powerful amps I’ve heard.

Just last night I heard for lack of a better word a ‘wet’ sound coming from my speakers. This is what I’ve heard with some of the very finest valve amps. Mixed with the excitement and attack that Naim does so well this made me smile ear to ear. I’m looking forward to hearing further changes.

Also I have moved away from the listening wall and the soundstage became deeper with more dimensionality. My only problem is I can only listen this way briefly as my room doesn’t allow it.


Had to reread that last sentence :joy: sorry!

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Wow @khan84 you did it.
As some of your posts brought me to my 52/135 system - thanks again for that … how does this end :joy:
Will be pleased to read your thoughts and comments on 52/135 vs 552/500


Well it’s going to sound mighty good with that Vertere!


Thank you buddy. I will indeed report changes and my impressions as the gear settles in. Having said that even now I still miss that 52/135 system. Even beyond the sound I knew that I had Naim heritage in my room.

That wickedly exciting, fast and rhythmic sound could seduce anybody.


Yes it can… my 135 are serviced at class a in 2019 or 2020 (need to look) and 52 in 2022 fully recapped - SC in 2018… but have another SC from 20 service :laughing:
I was not kidding - during my silent reading times here (long gone :laughing:) I went through all your post, which brought me to 52/135…

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:grin:I’m glad I brought you to that setup. If I had stopped at the 52/135s I would have been a very happy camper. If I may give a car analogy. A modern m3 will set a track record time that would blitz the original e30 M3. But in terms of pure driver enjoyment, that original m3 is second to none.

Similarly the 52/135s are special. I will forever hold that setup as one of the very best I’ve ever heard simply for the enjoyment they provided. Midrange glory from solid state.

552DR/500DR thankfully are still well and truly Naim. They improve on what went before with the Olive series without deviating from that gutsy speedy sound.
Still early days for me with the 500 DR.

Todays update. There is more information in the music. Do I like it more? Not so much. It isn’t as together as I want. The treble focus is still there with my setup.

  • I have finally fired up the SW1X LPU2 Special so the Vertere is now in operation. BUT new tonaeram cable. New caps in the phono pre and not to mention I’m certain the Furutech power cables have not yet even had 20 hours on them. All this was A OK for the 135s but the 500 is taking no prisoners. It’s brutally honest.

Maybe 552/500 non DR is more the successor of 52/135 than the DR versions :man_shrugging:


Good analogy with BMW… :slight_smile:
Love my m235i as well :slight_smile:

Edit: the lack of togetherness made me refuse the melco server over my old hdx. But 552/500 is another ballgame - it will be together with a little wait or tweak.

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I wouldn’t worry so much about the speakers being affected by transformer fields. I’d be more worried about the DAC being affected by rather powerful speaker driver magnetic fields tbh.


I think so, Olive and the Classic give me an each of the couch feeling where DR moves me back from the edge. Not for me and probably never will be.


Paired with the right kit you can definitely get a 500 to give you an ‘edge of your seat’ experience. The speed, timing and dynamics can be just astonishing, far more than Olive can ever give you. It turned me into a right ‘head banger’ and ‘air guitarist’ the first time I heard a 500 system in full flight.


I thought I should copy-paste an update I shared on the Naim Olive thread as Yorkshireman asked about an update. I’m copying my reply below;

Still not run the power amp in yet. I had to tear down the system to correct some cable issues. While I sorted the rack I put the 135s back in just for shits n giggles. It was glorious as ever. It also afforded me the time to get a handle of the sound signature difference. The 135s are more forgiving. They have an addictive drive to them. It’s like they are only interested in the rhythm of the track. The spotlight is definitely on that midrange. And here they execute fun better than anything.

The 500Dr has shown me moments of magic but I’m certain I haven’t given it enough time yet. It has far more atmospheric detail. The bass is more extended although here I still feel the 135s are providing more drive. This is the main reason why I’m certain the 500dr is still not settled in. When I asked the previous owner he stated he NEVER left it switched on after listening sessions. I have a feeling the amplifier hasn’t even burnt in yet.