Nap 500DR run in

Hi guys,

So for a previous thread some of you may know that I’ve slotted a NAP 500 DR into my system.

I ran a search as I remember reading about the changes the NAP 500 goes through from cold but I can’t seem to find any early impressions.

If any of you could describe the changes the amp goes through as it runs in. It’s a 2021 build so I’m guessing it’s been burned in.


Sure why don’t you tell us?

Describe your journey, what you’re hearing at the moment and changes as they occur.

What prompts the thread - Is the sound not what you expected?


I wanted to get an idea of the changes the amplifier goes through from users who have experienced it.

The unit has been powered on for about 10 hours now. My DAC is currently in for an upgrade so I’m listening through the audio jack of my laptop. My early impressions compared to the NAP 135s are that the 500DR is a tad faster sounding. I should say immediate. It’s more lively and as of now has a little more bass emphasis than the 135s. I don’t know how to describe it exactly but the music is more organised. I will reiterate this is with the DAC in my laptop.

Still very early and it usually takes me weeks or months to fine tune any new gear. I bought my last 135s after a break away from Naim and I remember spending months getting that right with placement, getting suitable cables for tone control etc. Recently with the Furutech Power cables I had them sounding sublime. Some may ask why change? - but I have a problem. Always in the pursuit of “better” no matter how much I know that once a system sings leave it ALONE.

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As it is a pre-loved unit it will be fully ‘burned-in’ (whatever that means). Once it is warmed up it shouldn’t then change overmuch. Amplifiers aren’t sentient so it doesn’t know it has a new owner and that it should change over several weeks/months. Your perceptions however can and do vary with time…


Lol. I disagree with your comments but fair enough. Thanks for your input.

using audio jack of laptop…
source first right?
What is rest of system? ?rack ?standard cables?

Yes I’m aware that my temporary source is poor. I’m not trying to highlight my impressions. I only did that as a user asked.

I would like others feedback of the changes that the NAP 500 goes through from first boot up. I think this unit has hardly been used for what the previous owner told me.

Custom Cardas cable built by Gothic audio. Furutech DPS 4.1 LE power cable on the NAC 552DR and Audioquest Hurricane on the NAP 500DR. AudioPhilar hifi rack with Naim Ball and cup and glass.
Lol I’ve just realised I’ve installed the bottom level of the rack the wrong way round. The logo is on the rear.


When I first introduced my nap 500 from a very nice set of 135’s, i was feeling just like you, A little underwhelmed? The 135’s are nice but
In a few days when that bottom ends goes deeper and you start hearing things you did know were in the recording plus the dampening factor/ timing grip of the 500 it will be a “drop your Bacon sandwich”experience, I promise!!
Patience Luke . The force will be with you. This is the way. and all that jazz :laughing:


Thank you Rooster this is exactly was I was after. I’m not necessarily underwhelmed. The tear down of the entire system was required to install the NAP 500. I’m used to a Naim system taking days or even weeks to get back up to peak performance. I must say though it’s a testament to the brilliant NAP 135s that I’m hearing relatively minor improvements as of now.


That doesn’t echo my experience. I had had my NAP135s serviced just a few months before swapping to a NAP500. On start up from cold the difference was immediately apparent. Even my wife, who very rarely notices any difference, commented on how much ‘bigger’ it sounded.

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A day or two to fully warm up and that’s about it really as it’s not a brand new unit.
But in all honesty your daily well-being will effect what you hear more than what this amp is going to give now as its probably already warm now anyway

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I would not even bother thinking about performance until you get a proper source in front of your 552/500.

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I’m sure Khan84 has used the AJ from the LT :metal:before with the 135 mono’s as a source?

My lp12 is as old as the hills with a well worn white collar bearing and to boot it’’s my only source atm, im sure you know it’s far from a modern sounding box, however it is fun. The Nap500 has been a very positive inclusion even with a mutton dressed up as a lamb playing into it.
Imo, A possible inconsistent electricity supply combined with fun high-quality and revealing system one tends to be a bit more critical. Just saying….


Quite right Rooster. I’ve experienced the warm up and burn in phenomena so many times I don’t bother with the debate anymore. If some people think it’s just all in our heads that’s fine by me.

So as of the last hour or so the treble focus was a lot more than I’m used to. Waiting for everything to balance out.

I’m also wondering that the power cables that I preferred on the 135s may not be the ones I prefer on the nap 500. Audioquest hurricane & Furutech DPS 4.1 le. Anyway it’s too soon to run those kind of test as of yet. I need to allow all the cables to relax and provide a more cohesive presentation. I moved a lot of cables around and change the shape of a lot of the thicker power cables. These alone take days to relax in sound from when I installed them on the 135s and 552.

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Pre Cirkus forever :sparkles:

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I would give it a week or two to settle in. System changes with going cold and then cables changing and relaxing always takes time for system to fully settle. And then your ears adjust as well. It’s all new to you so there is the expectation and the reality. It’s not all in the mind. Alot is to do with the system settling.

By the way congratulations on your fantastic system . It is wonderful! Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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As far as mains cables go on the 500 kit. I tried a few and in the end went with the naim ones.
Just have to be very careful with them as not shielded


When I first fired up my 500 after 135’s I thought WoW! And this was pre-DR. However, when the 500 was returned, after the DR upgrade and service, I too was initially a little underwhelmed. I sounded very dark and closed in to the extent it almost sounded muffled. This lasted about two days before it completely flipped to sounding very bright and glassy. I think after week three it started to combine the best of each and slowly filled out to be perfectly balanced. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to add or take away. Fast, real, dimensional, dynamic, emotional and totally addictive. I would say there seemed to be another improvement at around six months or so.


I would use Naim powerline. It was designed to work with 500DR.

I have 4 powerlines now. And they make a difference. I have other mains cables which are better spec than Naim, but they don’t add anything tbh.


I’d second that on 6 months thing. I got my unit new in February, it was powered down for the first time about 6 weeks ago for a smart meter installation. Since then its been better again than it already was. The bottom end seems to have gained additional weight and clarity and the soundstage gained height, width and depth. I’m actually looking forward to the longer winter evenings now.

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