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Hi everyone
This is the first time I am asking a question on this forum. I want some advice.
Something about the system I have.
It’s a Roksan TMS3 turntable with SME 5 tone arm and a dynavector xx2 11 cartridge.
NAIM 552 Preamp non DR/NAIM NAP 300DR power amp.
Speaker cables are tellurium Q black diamond to NAIM SBL speakers.
Also have Tom Evans the groove phono stage.
It’s only a turntable that I possess.
The question that I have is

  1. Is the NAP500DR an appropriate upgrade
  2. How much would one offer for a second hand NAP 500DR about two years old.
    Thanks for your replies

The following thread should answer your first question:
–> 500dr?

Hi Steven,

Based on my experience of a friend’s system that is somewhat similar to yours but Kudos 808s as opposed to SBLs I’d say the 500 would give you more of everything.

As to what to pay a 2 year old model would be DR spec so at the higher end I would suggest.



Further there is a 2 year vintage example on a certain auction site at the moment.

Used would be typically 50% of new, give or take.

Really. The example I’ve seen on the flea pit is considerably more than 50%.

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Flea Bay isn’t a good indicator, better to look at audiogon

At only 2 years old, I’d expect to pay a little more than 50% of current msrp. I’d love to get it for 50% but probably would expect 60-65%. It’s what a willing seller will sell it for; I’d def start at 50% if I had to make the first offer. And shipping is more than a few percent of the final price perhaps, so there’s room to talk about who pays for shipping.

Also depends on if it’s a dealer or private seller; expect to pay a dealer a little more. Especially if they are offering a warranty of their own (although in some countries the mfg’s warranty will still apply).

One for 13199 pounds, 2 years, pre loved ( from a shop).

That could be mine

To address the OP’s questions:

  1. Update the 552 to DR specs first. Consider then replacing the SBLs.
  2. A two year old 500 is worth about 13.5k£.


I’d say 60-70%.

I bought my dealer’s ex demo pre 500 DR some ? 10 years ago. Perfect with all the bits. As new. Been DRd since about 4 years ago. I went from 2 x 135s.
If you really want it the earlier the better. From the cash and audio satisfaction viewpoint.
Repeating myself from previous posts, but its a musical and non hi-fi upgrade in the best possible way.

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Yeah I bought an early 2003 model for just under 5k it was perfect … then dr’d it in 2017… an amazing amp…it still sounded amazing unserviced after around 15 years…

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A 552 pre coupled to a DR’d 500 is about as good as it gets in the real world. I’ve seen non DR’d 500’s sell for between £5k-£7k depending on age and condition. If you then add the new charges for servicing and DR’ing of around £5k it’ll take you to the limit of what you should expect to pay. However, if it’s a factory DR’d amp from new I would expect to pay a small premium.

Hi Stephen

I’ve just purchased a Nap500 along with a Nac552 both mint, factory DR’d and complete with original boxes, leads and one remote (not the narcom which had unfortunately been previously sold). I did however get a Naim double Fraim thrown in for the price. See sales image (it’s still in the boxes), which includes a couple of additional items that were not purchased (cd player, 2 x power supplies).

2015 Nac552 & Naps552 DR. £12,995.00

2018 Nap500 DR & Naps500, £13,500.00

So a little over the odds but the Fraim worked out at £1495 which helped matters and no point putting it all on anything else so it was a done deal.

Hope that helps, it can be an expensive game.


Great choice its an amazing combo

Thank you all for your replies. Decided against the NAP500DR for now. Think I will upgrade the 552 to DR spec first as it seems the more affordable route! The 300DR is very good so I shall relish what I have at the moment. I wish to thank you all for taking the trouble to reply.


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