NAP 90 Vs NAP90

Hi there.
This is my first post, so to begin… Hi everyone!

I have a quick question regarding the NAP 90.

I recently bought a full NAIM system at auction which consists of a CD2 NAC102 Flatcap & NAP90 (Full width version)

I really want all of the items to match and am currently looking for a HiCap to replace the Flatcap (hopefully this will also give me a sound quality improvement)

My question is… Is there any difference in the internals between the full width NAP90 and the shoebox version?

Obviously Im looking to change from full width to shoebox but I wondering if id be better holding off for a better power amp if theres no difference between the two.

Im currently very happy with the sound quality but like everything, we are never satisfied!

Thanks for any info.


I think you should look out for a NAP140 as that’s substantially better than either style of NAP90 both in terms of sound quality and available power output. All but the earliest 140s are ‘olive’ half width so will match the 102.

Next up would be getting an NAPSC for the 102. This little PSU works wonders for the sound as it powers all of the noisy control circuitry, leaving the audio circuits with a much cleaner supply.

At this point I’d get the 102/140 serviced when funds allow. The 140 can power the 102 via a 4-pin SNAIC lead, and this (along with the NAPSC) would sound great until you can get hold of an olive HiCap.


I agree with Mr Tibbs. I have a fc,nap 92 and nap 90 full width. Adding a hicap to this will give little improvement ( I have tested this) From here an upgrade really is to go to the 140, especially with your 102.

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