Nap damage - advice

Few years ago i’ve connected nap 155xs with speakers by Audio silver circle cables - it caused total damage to amp and speakers.
I’ve Been using this cables with many other amps and they sound very well with no technical problems.
Do you think it’s dangerous to connect them to SN2?
I’m really afraid, but also i would love to try them.
Unfortunately i can’t find aby technical data about these cables.

If they caused damage to your NAP155xs I would definitely not use them again on another Naim amp. Certain cables can cause Naim amps problems, particularly high capacitance or low inductance types.

You can read more about Naim amps and speaker cables in the forum FAQ.

A quick Google indicates that these cables have a Litz type configuration. Definitely not Naim compatible.

Yes,it is dangerous. Don’t do it (again.)

Hanka for your answers.
I will (probably) not do it again.

“Probably”, lol…

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