Nap NC 250 hum and buzz speakers


I just received the new Nap 250. On the left speaker there’s a hum that I can hear from 3m. Not loud but present. On the right speaker there’s like an electronic buzz that I perceive when I put my ear.
I suspect there’s a problem.
Is it safe to listen to music for now ?

Hmmn thats a shame……perhaps try pulling the plug on some of your kit, one by one to identify the culprit. Could be your EAR TT side?

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Ask your Dealer. Its their job… :thinking:


I believe I’ve read about few others with similar issue. Contact the dealer.


Thanks guys. I will contact tomorrow my dealer. Have disconnected all for now.
Will inform later.

I may try an XLR to RCA to see .

Out of interest, what mains cable power lead are you using, as it doesn’t look like a Naim one?



If you unplug the two input leads so only the loudspeakers and mains are connected, do you still hear any hum/noise.


If I switch off my pre, the hum is here, specially on one speaker.

It was perfectly fine with the 250 dr . If I disconnect the XLR cable between pre and 250, there’s no hum.

I disconnected the turntable from the pre . Still the same.

Almost certainly something wrong with the power amp. Sounds like (no pun intended) my old Olive 250 before it was “serviced”

Not looking good FR, must be very disappointing, so sorry❤️


Maybe hold down the brightness button and do a factory reset?

Do you have other XLR Cables you can try?

have you tried swapping the xlr cables round to see if the hum in one speaker follows the cable? that would be easier if its a cable fault, that will show you if it is

With the input leads unplugged from the 250, it should be perfectly silent. So this unit is certainly faulty I think. Very unfortunate, but it needs to go back for replacement by one that has been built properly imho.

If it’s that, I hope my dealer will borrow me his NC 250 , till the new one arrives.
It may be the 250, or a default of the XLR cable.
If a different NC 250 still doesn’t work and a different cable too, even an XLR to RCA, I will see no other solution.
But better hope for now and proceed step by step.

No other cable at home. You think a factory reset of the NC 250 can solve the problem?
I didn’t know the 250 can be factored reseted .

Yes, if I reverse the XLR cables , the hum goes to the other speaker.
And the other speaker has a little electronic noise . Both are affected, but differently.

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Hopefully, it is the cable. I would discount your preamp coincidentally developing a fault at the same time you have installed a new power amplifier. Up to your dealer most definitely.

sounds like its the cable mate, id say ask your dealer to swap the cable round with their demo unit.