Nap v175

Has anyone used this amp for just audio and what’s it like?

Yes, I have used a NAPV175 just for 2 channel audio. It was very good. Better than a NAP150, and possibly also a NAP150x too. Just remember though that there’s no inbuilt pre-amp supply so any pre-amp will need to have a dedicated pre-amp supply to work with it.

Just looking at your system profile, I note that you are using a NAIT 5 and a CD5. In which case I reckon a Flatcap 2/2x/2xs would be where I would stick my money for the biggest upgrade (and make sure it comes with the SNAIC5). You would need a Flatcap anyway in order to run a NAPV175 with the NAIT 5 as pre-amp.

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