Nap100 - mute

Is it possible to mute the nap100?

I can mute the dac v1 and also the unitiqute with their remotes.

But I don’t have a remote for the nap100 - does it come with one?

Or is it possible to mute the nap100 through the dac v1 in anyway?

Appreciate the insights.

btw different question : is it possible to PM a forum member?

Somebody in one of my earlier threads said he had a couple of power cords he did not use. Would like to PM and check if he would sell them.

Appreciate the feedback.

Why do you need to mute it ?

i don’t want to keep switching it off when not in use. i usually mute on the unitiqute and dac v1 when not in use.

mute a NAP?
The nap doesn’t do any sound if there is no request to get sounds…
There is no stand by mode, it’s On or Off.
Use your V1 mute button, that’s all.

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What he said

No PM capability on the forum…

…and from the Rules section: “No For Sale or Wanted ads! (includes free gifts and loans of equipment) - this includes transparent or oblique references to equipment for sale or equipment being sought - sometimes this will be a judgement call. ALL links to, or mentions of, equipment For Sale will be moderated.”

So no discussion of selling or buying equipment allowed on the forum.

You can send an open message to a user by placing a “@” sign in from of user name. example @vtpcnk

Power amps do not have a “mute” function. Or, with no input, they are always on “mute.” You can think of it either way :slight_smile:

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but i read somewhere that the naim logo/light on the amp, if left constantly on - can wink out?

The nap100, like other Naim power amps, has 2 states, on or off. If the logo led fails then you can have it replaced.

I’ve left Naim gear on for years with no issue.

I did buy a barely used secondhand SuperCap DR. Its Naim light is dimmer than the others, but I found out its a huge PITA to correct.

After a very long time perhaps but I wouldn’t worry about the logo light failing. The screens on the older units could fail early if the screen wasn’t set to go dark after a set period.

Perhaps you are thinking of the streamer rather than the amps? I would certainly keep your Unitiqute screen off to preserve its life for as long as possible.

I bought this :

Leviton 1470-W 15 Amp, 125-Volt AC 3-Wire Grounded Switch Tap with ON/OFF Button, White

now i dont have to switch off the nap 100 directly. do it thru the switch.

From the 100 manual.

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