NAP100 or Nait5si to pair with Unitiqute 2

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I am happy with unitiqute 2. And, I’m streaming music through UPNP and Tidal.

I am planning to add NAP100 or Nait 5SI to unitiqute 2.

which one I should consider NAP100 or Nait5SI? I feel 30w is not sufficient to drive my KEF LS50.

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The NAP 100 would be logical, however does this mean you want to relegate the UnitiQute to being a source?

(I use it as a DAC myself into a Rega Aethos)

Yes. I’m thinking to use unitiqute as a source and I may add DAC V1 in future for better sound. I thought of biwire my speaker using unitiqute speaker output and NAP100 speaker output, but later found KefLS50 can’t be biwired.

Thank You…!

If you want to add a separate amp, then definitely the nap100 (while stocks last, then look 2nd hand). However you may find the uq2 is all you need.

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I had a Nap100 on my UQ2 when I had one and enjoyed it. They can be had at reasonable prices used, not sure full price is value for money and I doubt very much if using an integrated amp would be value for money

If you want more power it’s probably best to sell the Qute and get a SuperUniti or ND5/Nait XS. Not everyone finds adding the 100 achieves very much, and adding an integrated amplifier is pointless duplication.

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The Kefs have a range of 25-100 on their specs (doesn’t really mean a lot) and 88db and 8 ohms , the UnitiQute should drive them happily , but a more powerful amp would do a better job.

Don’t worry about bi-wiring, bi-amping. Just keep it simple and enjoy.

If it was me, I would go for the NAP 100 , adding another integrated amp just means paying for extra inputs and a pre-amp stage .

Whislt I had a Nap100 with my UQ2 I do feel it adding it removed some of the fun of the UQ. Got the Nap100 ex demo from a Naim dealer, had it a couple of years and sold it for slightly more than I paid for it on ebay.

If you require more power I would bypass the NAP100 on the UQ and maybe look at the Nait 5si and when funds allow trade in the UQ for an ND5XS or ND5XS2.

For me the UQ2 is a capable streamer and I use one feeding my Nait 2 CB and I love it,
also it has nothing to do with power as the UQ2 is 30 watts and the Nait 2 is around 15 its just the musical presentation of the old Nait plus they look so cute together :grinning:

Actually KefLS50 sensitivity is 85db. After seeing the spec I was thinking to add NAP100. Let me try run unitiqute with kef LS50 for week decide on NAP100. Thanks

I am located in Singapore and trying to find used superuniti :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you…!

Than you for the information…! I’ll consider

I am in same situation NAP100 is available for S$1000 from Naim dealer and Nait 5SI used for $1000. So I’m confused which one to go.

I added a dac v1 to the qute 2 via the bnc using a DC1 , the nap 100 was initially being used with the qute. fantastic little amp. I then added a 152 Xs and a Hicap DR and went 4 pin din to 5 pin out the V1 to the pre. Really good way to build a nice little system. The nap 100 Is pretty powerful , not to be underestimated especially when your feeding It off the Hicap DR with the source information , it sounds really phat and snappy. I don’t feel the urge for a larger amplifier at all. Exploiting the front end with power supplies gives you that juice as I guess your amplifying less noise , more information. The dac v1 is a cracking little dac, but I would use another pre amp with it.

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I have a Unitiqute 2 and Kef LS50 speakers. I tried adding a NAP100 and Quad QSP power amp and didn’t notice any significant difference with either.

Apologies if the above isn’t very helpful.

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