Nap200dr and B&w 804s?

Hi dears,
everyone says that for the B & w804s you need amplifiers with a lot of current to make them work properly, do you think the NAP200dr of my system has enough? Do you have any improvements compared to my current vienna acoustic mozart grand? in the bass department certainly having the vienna 13 'but in the mid-highs? does anyone have experience on this?

It would be helpful if you could either update your profile or set out details of your system. On the face of it, I’d suggest that improving your sources is likely the better way to go.

I have a 250DR with 804D3s and do not think I would want something with less power for them. If I push them hard I do feel occasionally that I may need a 300DR. Will probably go that way if I upgrade to the new 803D4s.

It may be worth setting out what you use with them, other than the 250DR. I’m sure it’s considerably better than a Thorens 145, a Node and a 202/Flatcap. That should be really useful to our friend osbourne.

Absolutely. NDX2/555PS (ND555 on order), 252/SCDR.

I agree that 250 dr would be a good match for these speakers. But then it would deserve a 282 pre.
Sources are really the weak points here.
Conclusion: the speakers are absolutely not the priority. Better begin by a better source, vinyl or digital.


That sounds perfect and is what osbourne should be aiming for, if the B&Ws are the target speaker.

I understand the itch to change loudspeakers and these b&ws would be high on my list for certain. But imagine what you can do to the rest of your system for the same money. It would give you a hicap dr and a ndac and a decent streamer or an ndx2 which would be a far bigger upgrade.

My dealer is also a b&w dealer and he usually sells rotel monoblocks with the 804’s. I’ve asked him in the past since something I’m me was attracted to the 804’s as well.

My experience with the B&W 804 D2 was that the NAP200 was a bit too light and the NAP250 was certainly worth the extra money.
After 1-2 years I replaced the 804’s with 802’s, while keeping the same NAP250. That combination keeps me still very happy.
Just compare the models at your dealer or at home, and “listen to your ears”. Good luck!

As per my profile, I’ve been running 804S from a non-DR 200 for several years and I continue to be extremely happy with it and with no strong upgrade itches.

I don’t see why a 250 wouldn’t drive them even better, but I’ve never listened to my system and thought ‘gosh, this really needs more power’.


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Hi Osbourne, after upgrading my system to NAC202, NAP200 (pre- DR), from a NAIT, I then auditioned several 'speaker brands and the B&W 804d (mk1 version) were chosen as the best to my ears and worked well with the NAP 200. I was very pleased with overall sound. My thoughts at the time were similar to those of Ebor who has just posted. Since then as funds allowed, I’ve upgraded to a NAC282, and the 804D mk1 to the 804D3. The NAP 200 sounded even better with 804 D3. However, my final upgrade to NAP250DR really allowed the 804D3’s to shine. Apart from the 250DR being in any case a better quality amplifier than the plain 200, I feel it really has moved the d3’s up to another level and with hindsight, although it’s difficult to quantify how the sound has changed, I think 250Dr is giving much greater ‘control’ over the speakers. The bass is more articulate and at loud volumes, the treble no longer has the tendency to become a bit harsh and ‘spiky’, as I now recall it was with the NAP200. Adding the 804D mk1 was certainly a big step up to my 202/200 system’s performance and is a match I’d recommend in any case. But eventually, going to a 282/250DR powering 804D3’s took them to another level, which seems to align with some of the other views here. I don’t actually think this improvement is due to more wattage in the amp. If I recall correctly the NAP200 was 70w rms and the 250 is 80watts RMS output - not a major power increase.

a NAP200 will drive the 804’s absolutely fine, of course, the 250 is going to sounds a bit better but it’s 3 times the price so it should and people usually have it paired with better pre, and better sources. There is more than enough current on tap from the 200 to make the B&W’s sing… i’d definitely try and get a home demo though as the B&W/Naim combo could be a bit much in the wrong room…

Your 200 wouldn’t be enough at all.
Why are you considering those 804s?is it the 3-way to tip the scale?
According to what you say it seems to me you’re missing the point of a proper set-up and not even enjoying your speakers at the moment.
Sources are very average at best especially your node.
Definitely keep your Naim and speakers for the time being as better(?)speakers would even worsen your listening experience

Does the OP mean 804s’s or a later model. That’s quite a difference.

thanks for the advice guys, listening to your advice I am convinced, I sold the NODE and I ordered the ND5XS2 from my dealer. next week I try and then I think about the speakers.

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