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Hey guys. I currently own a dac v1 nap100 and proac d20r. I’m thinking of upgrading the power amp to the 200dr(will this bring significant improvement) or my other Avenue of thinking is to change my setup for the moon neo ace, I know I need to audition but it’s not possible at the moment, I just wanted a bit of guidance or opinion. Thanks

Depends - the biggest improvement in the DR upgrade for the NAP 200 is in the power supply to the pre-amp. If you have a separate power supply powering your preamp, the change to a DR version doesn’t make sense at all.

BTW - it is not possible to upgrade the a NAP 200 to DR spec …

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Sorry, just edited my original post. I currently own the nap100

Following Klout10, a NAP200 may be all you need.

Will the 200 connect straight to my dac v1 via din?. Can you only get 200 second hand?

Q1. Don’t know. Q2. Yes.

Ok Thanks

The 200 is supplied with a DIN cable that will connect it to your V1.
You can use a new 200DR, although as Klout says, the DR upgrade only benefits you if you use it with a Naim separate preamp. So an older used 200 that is non-DR spec would be better value.

Thanks for your reply. Is the dr part the only difference as I’m a bit wary of goin down the second hand market as I doubt I would be able to get a 200 from a reputable supplier now

In all seriousness Daz, if you bought a new NAP200DR from a dealer, you wouldn’t have to consider servicing it for a very long time. Buying a used NAP200, you would have to sooner.

Although I notice a well known U.K. Naim specialist dealer selling a 2011 NAP200 for £985, ship that straight to Salisbury or Class A for a service and that’s a pretty good buy.

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I found two second-hand 200s from 2011/2012 at a large and reputable Naim dealer for around £1000. I am sure you could find other dealers with them too. There are probably people trading in older 200s all the time for 250DRs. You could probably ask the dealer to arrange to get the amp serviced before you have it so you have longevity built in.

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I was just thinking that. :grinning:

In addition to the DR, there were some very minor tweaks to the internals, but I very much doubt this alone would justify the price of a brand new one when there are plenty of used ones around. Of course you have peace of mind if you buy new, but as long as the used one is serviced you can’t go far wrong.

To quote the Class A page “ Nap-200 includes factory updates”.

I’m not sure what that means, but the official line from Naim is:
“ The NAP 200 has been revitalised and reintroduced in 2015 with the addition of a Naim Audio DR module to power its partnered Naim Audio preamplifier. This comes alongside small improvements to some internal componentry and layout that combine to lift its musical performance even further than the original.”

Typically Naim and Darran bring the kit under service to final factory spec, now interestingly in the case of the 200 I don’t know whether the other factory updates can be applied without the DR.

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