Nap250 / nac32 / cd5

Hi all, thanks for your advice and help with my previous query on the NAIM NAP 250 & NAC 32 issues i had. Managed to get them fixed for a pittance (as there was nothing wrong with it, just some loose cards) and the amp is up and running nicely, along with the CD5 player.

I dont know if this is not allowed in the forum but i didn’t see anything specifically prohibiting it so i wondered if anyone knew the ballpark value of my Naim setup?
I am planning on keeping it, but i do have quite a few systems so if i should decide to sell down the track i need to know what its worth and i can find no solid info online so far.

It appears to be vintage Naim, possibly all 80s models as the serial on the NAP250 is 1963 so if im not mistaken that makes it a 1982 model…(first year!)? and has all the cables to connect the CD5 player & NAC32 to the NAP 250 and everything is in pretty nice condition. Many thanks in advance

Presumably you have a Hicap in there too. If so the amp would probably fetch £1,800 or so if not in need of a service. The CD5 maybe £300. You know of course that the CDP really isn’t up to the quality of the amplifier.

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Looking at £800 to £900 for 250 CB, £500 each for the hicap and 32. So £1800 to £1900 for the amplification. Minus sellers fees of course. If serviced then you may sell for a bit more.

800-900 and 500 UKP for 250 & 32 seem over the top, even with Brexit in mind.
It is not clear to me if these items are serviced or just “fixed”

Hi All thanks for the replies, both the 250 & 32 preamp were serviced/recapped in 2016.
& I thought the CD5 were really high quality units?
It doesn’t have a HiCap, but rather an aftermarket power supply custom build which you see quite often on Australian Naim units of this vintage.
So im going to go with the presumption, that its worth in the ballpark of 2000 pounds for the whole lot, that being: custom power supply / NAP250 / NAC32 / CD5 / All cables.

Sound fair after my further description, or high? Many thanks…

What ever you do find an outlet rather than eBay, their fees are ridiculous. If you Google around for other audio forums I’m sure you can find a good place to sell.

It was Naim’s entry level CD player, so good though it is, it’s not in the same league as your amp.

You probably need someone local who knows the market well to advise here. Pricing tends to differ between countries and continents.

It’s a great shame Vince Ross (Perth) is no longer around. I remember him showing me the shop “store room”/workshop the first time I went to visit - it was stacked high with ancient Naim gear, Linn Sondeks of every age and iteration - the entire early history of both companies locked away in a dark (and slightly dusty) room.

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Many thanks for all the advice people!

Their fees are high but you get the widest market. I definitely agree they charge alot but if you want to sell within a week eBay will work.

Same here I’ve sold Nap 200 Nac 202 and Kudos cardea speakers not long ago. Each item sold in separate auctions over 3 months. Yes fees are quite steep but they usually go within a week. Price item a bit over what you want to allow fees and sell, gain some rupees :grin: for next step :wink: up ladder

Audiogon is arguably the largest and most active Audiophile Hi-End used selling site. Rates aren’t too bad less than half of flea bay. Also look at Facebook groups fairly active Naim groups there. Also Canuck Audio Mart and US Audio Mart.

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