Nap300 blowing internal fuses

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Any thoughts on this?

Has my nap300 since 2009 and enjoyed many years of enjoyment with it. All of a sudden it is blowing internal fuses. Swapped for another one and instantly blew. No changes to power or the system otherwise…

I had my Rega PS do that all of a sudden and the cause was an insulation damage in the transformer wires - apparently can happen if the insulation is too thin in one place (a tiny spot suffices) and the small amounts of vibration wear it away over time.

In any case, if fuses blow immediately it needs to go to service.

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Thanks. Certainly looks that way. I tried again and it looks like it’s the psu not the head unit so the transformer shorting could be one scenario.

Dear Asmith17,

I would believe a short circuit filter capacitor after that age. They may wish to change all the electrolytic capacitors which would be a good idea for future proofing.

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Mitch in Oz.

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If it’s a 2009 then it’s just about due for a recap service after 15 years anyway.