NAP300 issue

Turned on my system this morning as usual to warm up while I popped out to get a newspaper. I returned to a strange ‘metallic’ smell in the house.

Checked a couple of household appliances - and eventually the Hifi. It was then I noticed the light on my NAP300DR was off - all other Naim/Rega appliances seemed fine. I powered down immediately.

Checked once again – the NAP 300 light came on, and then power went off after 30 seconds.

I popped into my Naim dealers this morning who are going to call Salisbury HQ and will pick it up later (possibly along with the power supply).

I’ve had no problems in the 18 months I’ve had the amp, until today.

Anyone had a similar experience – or might speculate on the nature of the problem? I felt bereft without my vinyl this morning.

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Check the Fuse - but if it was that, I would not expect the light to come on at all.

Some Naim items are known to blow their fuses occasionally - mainly the XPS. I have had this - a new fuse fixes it. I have also had it on my CB/Olive NAP250 - but not recently.

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Leave Naim equipment powered on all the time,if possible.


Sure I read someone else recently having issues with their 300dr, from memory I think it was not very old, worth a quick search on the forum, hopefully you’ll be back up and running soon, best of luck.


Probably me. I’m on my 3rd complete set since buying new in may. I’ve had 2 different issues, the most recent manifested in a similar way but there was no hint of an odour to go with the spontaneous shutdown. My sympathies to the OP but I can reassure you that naim hq have been excellent in trying to resolve. Good luck.

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Thought I remembered reading about a similar issue, are you all back and running now.

I am. So far so good. Current units have been in use for a week and a half with no sign of trouble. That said it took a month for the sudden shutdown problem to rear its head. Only time will tell. I hope you find a suitable solution soon!

Thanks for the responses. Gulliford Hifi have been excellent and have set me up with a NAP250 while the 300 issue is investigated. The 250 is a great amp.


Metallic smell …. That’s alarming, sounded like a blown capacitor or something nasty

Mine blown the fuse a few times in the past years while switching back on after periodic regular cleaning. I do keep a few spare fuses just in case.

Otherwise I leave them on 24-7

Though mine is of 2009 stock, DR-ed and recapped in 2017.

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That is what the dealer said it might be when I first told him.

UPDATE - My NAP300 will arrive back from Salisbury HQ tomorrow, Required a ‘new board’ whatever that means. Looking forward to having it back, but have to say the interim NAP250 is a brilliant amp.


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