NAP300DR hum

I have a NAP300DR which has always hummed a bit. I assumed this was par for the course and it wasn’t intrusive anyway when playing music. However I’ve just moved house and in my new setup the hum seems a bit louder. Is there some sort of mains conditioner that can reduce or remove this?

I solved 70% of the problem with IFI DC blocker. it’s pretty cheap and in my case it works. there are several dc blockers, including some bulgarian ones that are stronger than IFI. honestly I thing IFI does not impact the sound but just reduce the hum. be aware of overall filters as they can reduce dynamics

We moved recently to a property with a dedicated mains supply for the lounge. Whist there are other sockets in the room, the Naim hum has been reduced to a very low level. I suspect that the fridge freezer and boiler etc being isolated from the hifi has been of great benefit. I think a dedicated mains supply may assist you but that may not be possible or there may be issues with the supply per se. Worth exploring though. If you are able to turn everything else off for a while to see if other things are affecting the hum, that should give you some indication regarding where the issue lies.

Worth checking this out for reasons

Thanks, Gruido71. I’ll read through the various threads covering hum before trying a DC blocker.

Hi. I’ll test out switching off appliances to see what happens.

Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely read through this.

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