NAP300dr with low impedance speakers?

I have been using buy NAP300 with Dynaudio C2 and Magico S1 mk2 without any issues. Lately I have been considering auditioning 3-way speakers and see that 4 ohm designs that drop below 3 and as low as 2.5 ohm are not uncommon. Dynaudio Confidence 50, YP Peaks Ascent, Kef Blade 2 meta all fall into this category, anyone who have experience with these or speakers with similar impedance and NAP300? Any reason to be concerned?

Thanks in advance!

Naim states the 300DR “is capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance”

Thanks that is at least somewhat reassuring, but nothing is like first hand experience. Anyone who use this category of speakers with a NAP300?

PS. It should be YG Peaks…

I have a Nap 300dr with B & W 802d3. The impedance drops to 4 ohms and in a narrow range to 3 ohms. Having read other reviews for bigger speakers this seems not unusual. I believe the Nap 300 goes well with the B & W speakers. Before buying the ex demo speakers I read Jason Kennedy’s review of the 802’s and he felt that they worked very well with the 300. He commented that a more powerful amplifier would have more slam but he felt the 300 gave a lovely textured bass sound to the B & W 802 d3’s.

Here’s how Stereophile described my speakers:

The speaker is a moderately difficult load for the partnering amplifier to drive. Not only does its impedance reach a minimum value of 3 ohms at 108Hz, there is a combination of 4.5 ohms and a 53° capacitive phase angle at 72Hz, and the impedance remains below 4 ohms for much of the midrange and the top octave.

I drive them pretty hard with a non-DR 200 without any issues. I would imagine a 300DR should also be fine.


We’ve got 300DR with 4 ohm (nominal) Sonus Fabers. Last time I googled I think they drop to 2.5.

Absolutely no issue at all, amp maintains an iron grip on the speakers.

Whilst the 250DR was good, the 300DR at higher volume into the SF is just different class.

Thanks for the feedback all, do you feel your speaker are driven equally well at low, medium and high volumes? For me, living in an apartment, low and medium is of more importance than high.

The biggest improvement from 250DR to 300DR is at low volume.

In early morning I can have the TV playing through the system at barely audible levels (whilst SWMBO is still asleep) and it’s crystal clear.

We no longer feel the need to “turn it up” to get clarity like we sometimes did with 250DR (especially with metal genres).

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Hi Joppe

Playing at low volumes is very important for me. I usually have the volume at ‘8’ on the 300 and the sound is still vibrant and engaging. My 802’s have a 90 dbl sensitivity rating which probably helps with low level listening.

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