Nap350 with non Naim Pre-amp

So the only Naim kit I still have is the NDX2 + XPS DR. But I recently had the chance to listen to the new 300 series amps at my dealer - wow!!

I am now thinking about moving back to Naim amplification with the Nac332 + Nap350. But finances can’t quite stretch to the wholesale change just yet, so I’m thinking of buying the 350’s and using with my Music First passive. The new 350’s could take the XLR feed from the MF. That would see me through the next 12 months untill I can afford the 332.

I would love to hear from others as to whether this may be a viable way to transition back to Naim amplification?

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Ask the dealer if you can audition with your passive (with your source), to see if at least adequate. …You never know, it might sound just as good as with the 332…


You could look around for pre-loved NC items. A Naim dealer nr Leicester has some - and I am sure others will, too.

Maybe you could afford more than you think…?


I use 350s here, albeit fronted by a Linn KDSM using the Linn’s internal volume control. The combination works very well.

It’s certainly worth demoing the 350s with your MF passive pre to see what you think.


A very good deal….

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@IanRobertM is spot on here.

To the OP, see if you can pick up some of the new classic kit used and see if they can trade in your pre.

Otherwise, the 350s work well with other pres. They changed the cabling to accept balanced XLR connections to make them fit other pres.

So either way you can do this

I haven’t tried a passive pre with New Classic gear, but a while ago I tried replacing my 282 with a Townshend Allegri, into a 250DR. I was hoping it would simplify the system and reduce boxes, but it sounded very disappointing and I soon moved on.

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It sounds like a great way to transition. Even if a 332 is ultimately better than your MF, it’s a perfectly sensible interim step.


I had a demo of the NAP350’s today, with my Music First Baby Reference as the pre. Wowzer ……sounds absolutely amazing and definitely a massive improvement over my PS Audio BHK250. I have never heard Naim amplifiers produce such stage depth and width, whilst retaining the PRaT factor that has always been associated with Naim. I used NDX2/XPSDR as source. I know the NSS333 would be an improvement but I can’t spend all of my pension all at once :grinning:

Anyway I did ask for the NAC332 to be connected - without XPS300 - and whilst there was an improvement over the MF pre it wasn’t night and day. That came when the XPS300 was added to the 332. Oooohhhh my word. Pace, power, rhythm, timing, nuance and cavernous soundstage.

I have the 350’s on order and will use with the MF initially before adding a 332 later on.

I can’t stop smiling :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: