Nap500 question

Hi with the power amp on is it ok to unplug one speaker cable (+ &-) with it powered on…and then conversly plugging back in?

Like other amps, i don’t think It would be and issue.

I would not. I power down…

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Yep, every time……more to lose than gain.

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I can’t think of an occasion when I would unplug a speaker cable (or any other cable or interconnect) when the system is powered up. It only takes a minute or so to power down the system before connecting or disconnecting anything.

Replacing a blown speaker unit or two can be expensive and a pain in the bum!

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Always power amps off when messing around with speaker cables!

It’s an order!

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I wouldn’t chance it myself, although some dealers do it to save time during demos.
Unplugging at the amp end is safer as you can’t then cause a short by touching live connections together.
Naim plugs or similar make it a bit safer as you can’t touch the pins together.


unlike disconnecting inputs when powered up and connected to speakers, this is not a problem at all with domestic amps if unplugging at amp end. If at speaker end just make sure the two cable conductors do not touch each other or touch the same piece of metal. By far the quickest way of swapping speakers, or swapping speaker cables.

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I will repeat what I have always said.

As a Chartered Electrical Engineer, who knows everything :roll_eyes: , I would always recommend powering down any electrical circuits before making or breaking a connection.

However, I often don’t follow my own recommendation…coz I am a Chartered Electrical Engineer and know everything.

Most times I have got away with it. A couple of times it has been very expensive (cough Meridian DSP5000 comms boards!)

As ever in life, you are free to make your choice…… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Basic rule: You should always raise the volume to maximum before disconnecting anything…


When I am A/B testing streamer my dealer took out the red side on the 250DR amplifier side, then swap the XLR to RCA to try on dCS and Linn streamer back and forth.

Save time when doing streamer comparison.

Will power down…cheers

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