NAP500 size and weight?

Do you know Apertura? french speakers. Like Sonus Faber, but quicker and more involving, and more open too.
However Sonus Faber Olympica are also on my taste.
I know that it’s difficult to change speakers. Since 10 years, i changed a lot of components, but not my speakers.
But if i had a room like yours, i would certainly have changed…but for probably Apertura…

Apertura was always on my radar if I could not own Utopias anymore whats your opinion on them compared to Scala’s and Maestros

Just curious, why would you be concerned about the NAP 500 size and weight? Get a new rack if your current one is not good enough? Room size? it does not concern me a bit. I have moved house 4 times since I bought a NAP 500, changing from a big listening room to small one, to a big one, now to a small one, and I think it does not change the sound signature.

The NAP500, not only has more power. It’s has more from everything : control, detail, silence, etc.

@Thomas indeed it does. A NAP500 behaves like any other Naim NAP in terms of the volume dial. It just has greater power reserves and can, if required, drive more demanding speakers (down to 2-ohmers for short periods IIRC). There were plenty of posts on the former Forum about hooking up 500s to bookshelf/budget-end speakers, where the results were excellent.

I think the folklore around these parts is that on Fraim, the head unit doesn’t ‘like’ being sat on the lowest shelf level - this can also cause the burndies to touch the floor and I know your wiring/cabling plan will ensure this doesn’t happen :smiley:

Mine is also powered first in line from the power feeds - I don’t use a distribution box (yet). It seems slightly better to my ears this way, rather than having the sources/pre-amp ahead of it.

the scala and utopia have more bass but the sound is less refined and harder. The Apertura are also quicker and more disappearing, more airy.

Yes, I read some of those posts reporting the NAP500 driving relatively small speakers. That’s one of the reasons I finally decided to upgrade the amp. And I believe that the NAP500 will allow the NAC552 to show its full potential and therefore the ND555.

I ordered the NAP500DR yesterday! :smiley:

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I never understood how it was possible to combine so far with a brand, and break the philosophy when arriving at the end of the system

It’s not like Naim did not offer speakers?

i am far away from being a specialist. 38m2 is a big space in general, and your room is treated. It’s just my feeling.
My speakers have 2x 17 cm and my room is around 20m2.

Can’t you try at home these speakers or other, just to have an idea of what it can offer, more or less?

i am not sure you can calculate like that, because all rooms have pieces furnitures. I have never heard of that mode of calculation.
Some here will certainly give us the responses.
My speakers should give more bass with 2x 17 cm than 2x 13 cm , and my room is around half yours.

As far as acoustics is concerned, what matter is room dimensions (think wave length) and its volume (think pressure). The pressure within the room depends on its volume, not the surface of one of the faces of the parallelepiped (if the room is a parallelepiped, of course)

i know you are a scientist, Thomas. But acoustics phenomenons are often difficult to predict. But maybe you are right.
The best way is to try at home.
For example, 2 dealers said me that atc 40a need at minimum 40 m2. But there are members who use them without problems in 25 m2…

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