NAP90 Speakers

So, if I want speakers for a second system NAC62/NAP90 CB, where do I start looking?

Back in the day, I had Epos ES14s that were wonderful even if woefully underdriven.

The first question, retro old school, or modern design? Regardless, I guess I want something easily driven, that will sing without needing a powerhouse behind it. I am happy to try used kit, but, it needs a bit of WAF (if my wife calls them ugly then I am in trouble).

Any recommendations?

Is your wife happy to be referred to as wifey? I’d be amazed if she was.

Neat iota alpha is what I’d try - but I’m biased I like them.

He seems to listen to her which is more important than the word used.

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Royd made really entertaining speakers. I guess you can pick up a pair cheap today

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We have an informal house, but I have edited my post to appease your sensitivity.

Depends on the room but anything from Dali bookshelf to Fyne 302 floorstanders would work well.

I’ve always considered wifey to be patronising and demeaning, hence my post. But I’ve been looking into it and it seems it’s romantic and perfectly ok. So there we are, I’ve learned something, and please accept my apologies. I do find the whole WAF thing pretty stupid though. I’m as keen to get things looking good as wifey, probably more so.

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I’ve found my NAC62 + NAP90 have happily driven n-Sats and also Royd Minstrels, so I would add those to your shortlist.


Another vote for Royd here. I ran my Apex with a NAP90 for many years and it drove them pretty well. Choise carefully though, they are old now and replacement drivers may be hard to come by.

My Keilidhs were originally driven by a NAP90. Plenty of slam and cheap as chips. Worth considering if you want going retro.

I am the same, looks have a place. My main speakers are Dynaudio Special 40s and they hit the spot for me in looks and sound. My main system is 282/250DR based and they are totally allowed in our lounge!

I had Rega Ela’s with my Nap 90 as part of my first Naim system. I thought it was a good match.


The Special 40 is for sure a nice looking speaker. My PMCs are ok, if the grilles are left on to cover up the shiny bits.

The question I’d ask re your 62/90 is whether you really need it. I had a second system once and never used it. Waste of space.

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Have you thought about classic BBC monitors, the LS3/5A?

I have recently bought a pair from Falcon Acoustics to pair with a NAIT 50. I haven’t got them up and running yet, so I can’t say how they suit each other.

If you fancy a more full-range sound you could do a lot worse than a pair of Naim Allaes. I find them great with Naim’s low power amplifiers. To my eye, they also have the form factor. Could your wife agree?

They would probably be brilliant on your main rig too, but I am (all too rare admission for a forumite) out of my depth here, due to lack of experience at that end of Naim’s offering.

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One of the best speakers i’ve heard with a NAP90.3 were a pair of Mission 752 - there was a certain magic that is so hard to find with any system, especially with a CD3 player as source.


Yes the CD3.5/92/90+Mission 752 was a cracking perfectly balanced system.

These days, I’d probably pair the 90 with a new set of Qacoustics 3020i or 3050i They’ll outperform the old Missions and work great with Naim on a budget befitting the value of the old gear.


I used a 92/90 with IBL’s for several years. It sounded really good. I eventually changed to an 82/HiCap/250 which was a lot better in most ways. However it never sounded quite so fast and nimble as the lesser amp.

I had Ruark Sabres with my NAP 90, given that this is a second system .

What about Q Acoustics ? Nice modern design, relatively well priced (pound per sound) and you rarely read bad comments .

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