Can I seek the knowledge and advice from the experts please? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I have two NAPSC one from 1993 and the other from 2003. The 2003 one you are able the change the power cord and at the moment there is a powerline light on it. The question is which is the one to keep and which to move on?
I look forward to your advice.

The 2003 one is the one i’d keep as the later model is a tad better. I’d say both are due a service at this age (unless done pretty recently).

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Depends what you are going to power… I would keep the one which matches best to that.

It’s to power my NAC 82

An 82 would have come with the captive cord NAPSC.
Mine did…

The other (newer) one would probably be more saleable.

Just my ideas… YMMV… :expressionless:


If I was ever looking for a used NAC82 then I would want the matching NAPSC…


Tricky the earlier one will match the 82 but you can put a full Powerline on the later one, something I found beneficial with my 282, enough that it never went back on the 250 and I had to buy another.

Do these things need servicing at 20 years plus?

Mine was serviced along with my 82.

Darran told me that the napsc will be getting serviced with the 282 when I get it in to him

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What does a NAPSC power? I have just replaced the “correct “ olive NAPSC for a later classic version on the 82 and the later one sounds much better. Why if it is only supposed to power the lights?
I am confused.

My 282 won’t work without it.

I believe it’s to keep the power circuits separate to provide isolation from each.



Weirdly responsive to a better power supply. Within limits.

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Unbelievably so

Not surprising when your signal path flows through a coil of wire powered further down the chain by the NAPSC. This much maligned PSU performs quite a significant role on the 102, 202, 82 and 282. The control circuitry in these pre-amps takes a fair bit of current so moving this over to the NAPSC takes the load of the pre-amp PSU (NAPSC optional in the case of the 102, 202, necessary for the 82, 282).

Really? I have never seen it maligned!

Maligned in that it’s unreasonably considered a noisy little thing that must be located away from anything. Just treat it as you would any other Naim PSU and keep it away from the sensitive bits.

Ah ok - I know it is noisy and needs to keep its distance. Was thinking more that everyone seems to agree it is the best value thing that Naim makes, hence my confusion

Actually, I preferred either of my NAPSC2 (bog standard kettle lead) on my 82……but there’s not a lot between them and my NAPSC(1), and on another day maybe I would think differently.

Go figure, as they say.

For sure the NAPSC2 case is much nicer than the “bit of bent tin” case of the NAPSC1

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