I have two Napsc’s, an olive and a classic. Is there a difference in specs or are they both the same?
Currently have the classic on the 82 as it seems better than the olive. Also does the NAPSC need running in from a service? as the olive was supposedly service with the 82.

While they both output circa 18V DC, the NAPSC2 is superior to the original NAPSC and also has an IEC socket so you can use a Powerline on it if you so choose.

There’s a not a great deal to service in a NAPSC, but perhaps @NeilS can advise more here…

Interesting. Any reported improvements with a Powerline.

I think there have been some who have tried it and reported their findings here.

The original PSC output was 16V, the PSC2 is 18V, it has a larger transformer & a selected low noise regulator.
There are only 3 capacitors in both types & some of the earlier originals are now starting to fail, so preventative servicing can be a good idea.
I would think the running in period after servicing would be similar to other power supplies, but would expect the PSC2 to be superior in performance anyway.



Yes, that’s right, the output measurement of several Napsc 1s indicates 16.3V.

Merits of a service for a 2008 NAPSC2?

Thanks Neil - I forgot the original was slightly lower in voltage.

The default advice from the Service Department is all very well, but specific advice for some products varies from this in practice. CD players, for example, are not recommended to be sent for service unless there’s a specific problem with them.

When I was having my 202 and 200 serviced two years ago, I asked the (Platinum) Naim dealer about doing the NAPSC at the same time. Not only had he never come across the idea of servicing a NAPSC, he had to check whether servicing a NAPSC was even a thing. It didn’t appear on any of the price lists he had, so he shrugged and went with ‘I don’t think so’.

I’m not relating this to dump on a (perfectly good) dealer - I think he did the best he could in the circumstances - but just to show that the situation isn’t necessarily as simple as the default advice suggests.



When I had my NAC82 serviced at Class A, they did also ask for the NAPSC so it could be serviced at the same Time. This is what they changed.
Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 21.40.30

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OK - mine’s a NAPSC2 which might make the situation slightly different, judging by Neil’s post.

But if even an established Platinum dealer can’t keep track of this sort of thing, what chance do we have?

Yes, this was my point really. Given the task performed by the NAPSC, what’s the specific benefit of a service if it just sits there and nothing, touch wood, appears to be wrong?

Well, whilst the transformer should be stable, the caps will go ‘off’ over time which usually changes their capacitance so replacing these will be wise.

However, I’d therefore hope servicing a NAPSC(2) costs rather less than servicing something much more complex!


Kind of hoping to move all four boxes on before having to do something like service the NAPSC but we’ll see.

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