Napster & Deezer bitrate

Hi everyone,
i just got a Naim Atom and i was wandering if quality sound from Deezer HIFI and Napster (which has cd quality now) are streamed from ther native app of my Android phone to the Atom through Chromecast Built-In in flac bitrate.
I ask because bitrate is not shown on the screen.

Thank you

I think Chromecast is a max of 24/96 so CD quality should work fine. What doesn’t work fine on Chromecast is gapless playback and I guess that’s why most in here use Tidal or Qobuz as those services have built in support in current generation Naim streamers

Thank you! Yes. I read about gapless on CC. Actually i’m using Tidal and i read about Qobuz but i was wandering about the others HiFi streaming services which can be useful.So Amazon HD remains the only one that works only in SD through CC. Anyway, i’ m really enthusiastic about Atom:)

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