Narcom 5 remote dead

Just picked up Naim refurbed nait 5si with new narcom remote from hifi sound in Stockton on tees and after a few days the remote is dead. Fresh batteries, leaving it with no batteries in and amp off have had no effect. Amp vol works from another remote though.
Anyone had this before? I’ve contacted the dealer so will see.

Is there any corrosion on the battery terminals. Might need cleaning up and then trying batteries again. I have had this before with older Naim remote control and once I cleaned the terminals with a cotton bud and white wine vinegar it worked fine!

I’ll have a look but it was supplied with brand new remote

Can’t be that then. Good luck with it. Maybe take it to a dealer for a look!

It’s rare but it could happen every now and then. IIRC the old interim Narcom between the Narcom 3 and 4 would every now and then turn up a unit that would die prematurely, but worst were the old i-Coms - such a relief when they were dropped for a Narcom.

Cheers guys, I’ll see what hifi sound say…

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