Nas 152 xs setup with flatcap

Hello, I am new to Naim and the forum. I just purchased a nas 152xs, Flatcap xs and the Nap 155 xs. I have a few questions. Do I need to connect both the upgrade 1 and upgrade 2 to the Flatcap? Also the sub out rca’s are not working and the remote I have Naim Remote Control Uniti & Streamer IR only controls the volume, is that correct?

Yes you definitely want to connect both, upgrade 1 is for digital controls and lights and upgrade 2 is for the analog signal and filters.


Thank you

Will it change the sound?

It will sound better, yes. I’m not sure which remote you have, but if it has a pre button, press that and you’ll get full control of the preamp. It’s all in the manual.


To give you an idea when I ran a 152XS with a 200DR it was clearly superior with the FlatCap XS in Upgrade 2.

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Yes, Stephen. You will need a second Snaic5.

A warm welcome to possibly Naim’s most recherché amplifier club :slight_smile:

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