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Has anyone compared the latest Melco NAS models? Specifically, I’m interested to know whether the N1ZH/X is worth the extra cost over the N1A/EX? Or, any other recommendations?
Thanks, Andrew.

Just to clarify, the Melco is not a NAS. It’s a streaming transport with storage and some network capability.

A NAS is more generic and not content specific.

So in the category of streaming transports that are highly regarded:

  • Auralic G1 2TB
  • Naim Uniti Core
  • Lumin
  • Aurender

Then of course there is the actual NAS route. Which can be as good but you have to spend money elseware on the storage less transport or streamer.

Several members love the Melco range.

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Get a decent nas or server if you are using it for its intended purpose it will ‘sound’ the same.

You should base a server spec on required processing power, electric consumption and storage capacity.


I stand corrected! And thanks for the ideas.

NAS stands for network attached storage, which (amongst other things) is exactly what the Melco is. Just a very expensive one compared to a regular general purpose NAS.

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