NAS and Tidal libraries in one view

I currently have a Tidal subscription and my own music files saved to a Synology NAS. Whilst I can view either library separately using the Naim iOS app, is there a way to combine them so that both libraries show in one view?

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It’s called ROON.

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Thank you. Doesn’t Roon require a computer or some piece of hardware to act as a “base unit”? At the moment I use an iPad to control a number of Mu-sos around the house, streaming from my NAS and Tidal and I wasn’t really looking to add any more hardware.

Yes, you need to run it as a server - could be on any PC (even some NAS’s), but most people prefer to dedicate one to it, such as a NUC or purpose built audiophile one. It does a great job of managing files from different locations into one though, probably its greatest strength. I have about a thousand local ripped discs on the NUC’s SSD, but almost two thousand more Qobuz titles as well, all seamlessly put together into one library/database.



If your nas is powerful enough, it can also act as a Roon server. If it’s not, you can replace it with a single box that will both store all of your music and serve Roon (more accurately, “and run Roon Core”).

Through Roon, does the SQ of web streaming from Qobuz sound as good as your locally streamed rips and Qobuz files, or not?

Yep. Sometimes even better if the album is in hi-rez. I don’t do any upsampling or DSP. Caveat though, I do have a fairly tweaked network but I would say that increases the overall sound, local and streaming.

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