NAS backups

Music is on usb drive attached to my Roon server.
Backed up to NAS every night
This backed up to cloud and another USB disk once a week.
All done via QNAPs hybrid backup sync and automated.

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Its been a while but I recall that the included software comes with a backup program and I simply followed instructions to create a “job” to back-up weekly to the external USB drive bought separately.
Hopefully others on the forum can elaborate more precisely.

2 drive NAS with RAID

In another building (same network) an additional NAS.

On my Kann portable the whole collection on high capacity SD cards.


I use a multi tier backup strategy for all my data including my music.

NAS -> another NAS which is offsite (failover capability)
NAS -> cloud storage (ransomware / corruption protection as incremental)
NAS -> external usb HD (fallback if all network capabilties fail)

Some think I am paranoid but I would hate to lose all that hard work ripping music, movies, editing photos, my businezs data, etc.

It does take some IT knowledge to set it all up though.

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If you’re referring to the Backblaze Windows application, it won’t backup a NAS directly, which is why I use SyncToy to copy the contents of my NAS to a USB drive connected to my PC, which the Backblaze Windows application will back up.

Separately to this (and charged on a usage basis outside of the standard $50 (I think) Backblaze annual fee) I use the Hybrid Backup Sync application on my QNAP to back up to Backblaze cloud storage. Instructions here:

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I use ChronoSync on my Mac.

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Brilliant, Thank you!

Useful to know. At the moment my ‘cloud’ is the office (backup from home to work each night) but if that ever ceases then Backblaze looks a good idea… assuming the company is still around then.

Re. from a NAS… my NAS is a Windows NUC so that’s easy to do.

Must try this … it’s taken two days to upgrade my 412 to 3 TB in all drives, now have a second 2-bay Qnap just for music, and will be setting up a third for an off site backup.

Main working Nas to 2 other Nas drives and also a copy to a separate Hdd on my PC. In total I have 4 copies of everything.
All backups done using Syncback in Windows.

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Good idea … forgot about having a copy of my Mac, could probably fit one on my laptop too … if only it wasn’t so old!

Mind you it’s not neeed for work anymore so there should be plenty of room

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