NAS Drive Viewing Files

I can view my music collection files stored on my NAS drive (QNAP 251) using Windows 10 Explorer
Is there any way to view the files on the mirrored disk ?
If e.g. I edit one by say, adding a musician, does it automatically update the mirrored disk?
I would like to do a visual check on a few files

With my Synology NAS in RAID-1, the discs mirror automatically. I can’t view them separately, all I can see is both disc’s show the same % fill & the same TB number

Thanks for reply - I have same situation.
The real reason for the question is, I quite often add add musicians to the ‘Artist’ field in the metadata on Windows Explorer.
I am not convinced this is updated on both NAS drives ???
I feel the only way to be sure, is to delete the album from the server, and re-upload the edited version ?

Whatever you change on the NAS with RAID its mirrored, its changed on both, both are as one… etc …
Windows is not able to edit metadata
I use Mp3Tag & dBpoweramp to edit metadata, Mp3Tag is open source so go get a copy & play with that - I would not ‘play’ with a live NAS file, practice on a copy first…
Once I do change anything I run a ‘re-scan for changes’ on the NAS Asset UPnP.


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