Hi All

I had a fire in my house which destroyed my dining room and the system- very sad seeing a Naim system covered in soot and water…

The system will be an NAC 272, HDX and NAP 300 DR.

I bought an HDX without reading the small print and got the SSD model which needs an external NAS. I might ask about the installation later, but for now I would like it if you could confirm I am looking at the right NAS to buy- the Synology DS 224+.

Thanks in advance!

That Synology will be absolutely fine. An option for you would be to load Asset on the Synology and not bother with the HDX at all. The space saved would then accommodate an XPSDR or 555PSDR.

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For the HDX to connect to the Synology you need to enable SMB1 in the Synology File Services. This is switched off by default.

…. like HH says, you really don’t need the HDX.
Synology feeds the 272, simple.

If you use the HDX you will need to get your hands dirty and set it up along with a Synology or QNAP NAS. You can choose to use it as a source via either analogue or digital connection to your 272 if you want it on your rack, or just use it as a UPnP server.
As already pointed out, if you only want it as a server, you could just as easily use the NAS running its own server software.

If you go for the HDX and Synology these instructions will tell you how to set it up. They are dated, having been written when the HDX was a current product, but you’ll get the idea. You need to read them in conjunction with the HDX manual.

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