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Hi I have a DS212J synology NAS that I deployed in 2016 with 2 mirrored 1TB drives.
It performs very well with my superuniti.
I am thinking of upgrading to include 4K video as well as FLAC.
Can anyone recommend the best brand/drive combination at the moment.



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I would stick with what you know & go with a latest Synology.
You need more OS power than the ‘j’ series have to get 4K so I would choose DS218+.
It’s a 2-bay that’ll take 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch HDD or SSD. It’s OS is dual core 2.5GHz Intel Celeron J3355 processor with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, expandable up to 6GB.

Hi All
Thank you for your replies.
I see the 218 is about £270 and the 4 bay 918+ is £470.
With those in mind what would you purchase to be relatively future proof wrt to AV?
Also, would you populate with ironwolf or WD Red drives. …and what capacity?

Thanks again



With regards to storage size, it really depends on how much content you want to store. I rip my DVD content with MKV and I would say that a 2 hour film is approx 5.25GB. I rip my CDs to WAV and the size varies greatly but let’s say 600MB. I know you will rip to FLAC so your CD size will be smaller (significantly I guess if you use a lot of compression).

On the above figures 100 films and 100 CDs would take approximately 585GB…so as a rough estimate let’s say 200 films and 200CDs will need a 1TB drive.

Personally I use IronWolf 6TB drives but the WD Red Drives are good too. Hopefully my figures are correct, sure someone will correct if not :smiley:

Be careful with the WD Red drives. I believe there is currently a class action due to them using shingling, this expands them in terms of storage - but also recovery times which are ridiculous. I have switched to IronWolf.

Just drop you HDs into your new NAS and all should be good. I use a 218+ driving Roon with an SSD holding the database. All good.

Don’t think I have …and I could point at articles too. But here is not the place for a technical discussion.

I started to write a longer response, pointing to several article and texts. I then realised that I was glogging up the OP’s thread …and so stopped.

I wasn’t telling you what to do, I was explaining why I wasn’t responding.

Thank you,

Should I procure the ssd option as well as the 2x4tb ironwolf drives.
I see amazon does a built up option of the 218+ with 2x4tb ironwolf drives for £553

Is it easy to copy all my music files to the new drives I.e from the 212 to the 218?


Copying files should be simple. When you install the first drive, the Nas will format it, loosing data. Do put any files somewhere else during this, then transfer files over after it has finished formatting. I added a SanDisk Extreme 500gb SSD via USB. Well OTT. I’m going to see if a 64gb usb stick drive will host the database. It may not be quick enough. I’ll report back later.

My drives are WD Nas rated ones. 6Tb each. But the Nas is used as a media storage, as well as a uPNp/ Roon thing. All good.

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