NAS Placement etc

Looking at how careful we all are with placement, cabling, and for the first time today seeing audiophile level switches, I wondered if anybody has looked at impact of placement etc on a NAS? Should we be thinking about isolation stands etc for these as well?

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…my NAS sits on a glass shelve one floor down below my living room with no special accommodation for isolation. Close by is is a switch on a different shelve and the router close by housed in its own space. NAS and Router connect to switch and switch connected NDX 2. To my ears everything sounds very, very nice…

You can bet someone has! The best advice is to put it in a different room from the system, under the stairs etc. You don’t want flashing lights and clonking discs in the same room. Mine sits on a little oak table with its uninterrupted power supply beneath. You could always try isolating it if you felt the urge.

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