NAS playback breaks on NDX2

Dear noble Naim users, I have quite annoying problem. I use NDX2 as playback device of files from NAS (Synology 218 play) wired by Asus router and Asus bridge. The NDX2 is wired with the bridge. When i play music files from NAS after several tracks or minutes randomly the playback stops for a few seconds that starts again and stops again. It does not happen on Tidal playback. Do you have any hints what is happening and how to resolve it?

Are you using the Synology builtin UPnP player, or have you installed what a lot of people use, and that’s Asset (from dbpoweramp) - with a free 30day trial licence

As the NDX2 doesn’t have any issues playing Tidal, it does point more towards the NAS. Worth a full power cycle of the NAS, plus check the ethernet cable from the NAS.

Does the NAS do a lot of processing when the issue happens? Does it occur at all times of the day? Is it using a lot of CPU/Memory/Network usage? - e.g. mine shows as:
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 21.55.09

Thank you for the reply. I use built in UPnP player. By power cycle you mean shwitching off and the on the NAS? As i said the breaks are random after playing OK for some time…

Do a shutdown first from the NAS (Hold the button on the front in for a few seconds, it then flashes and then stops) - then remove power cable for say 5 secs

Temporarily eliminate the bridge from the network and connect both NAS and NDX2 to the router by cable. If it fixes your problem, the bridge (or its configuration) is the culprit.

Thank you. Unfortunately for me this is not an option. The router and NAS is in the other room than NDX2. The NAS is wired with router. I have got other devices as TV connected to bridge and there is no problem with streaming (Netflix for example). I will check the configuration - may be there are some updates of FW of router or bridge :slight_smile:

You can test this by buying a very cheap, long Ethernet cable from ebay and temporarily running it to the streamer directly from your router.


Hello Mario,

i am currently also having problems with UPNP. naim support thinks my network is to blame. i have already tested with two new routers because of this.
what version of dsm do you have installed and what version is the mediaserver package?
And what is the verision of the ndx2?

I believe the latest DSM is 7.1.1-42962 Update 4.

I can confirm what @GadgetMan said. The latest version of Media Server on my DS220+ is 2.0.4-3150 and I’m not encountering dropouts.

Can I suggest @Mario installs the (free) VLC media player on a phone or tablet? It’s available for iOS and Android. This should play music from his NAS and he can see if the dropouts occur with that, too. This might help in pinning down just where the problem lies.


My Diskstation is on DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 4, Mediaserver is 2.0.4-3150 - the latest

My nac with Firmware 4.8 when operated with RC does not find the Synology at all. All other devices does, even the naim app. If i downgrade the nac to 4.7 the Synology is found again. Who is to blame?

@supmario you could easily install the MinimServer or Emby package from the store. MinimServer is a 30 day trial, so no problem at all

MinimServer and Asset (dBPoweramp) seem to be the standard on this forum. I installed Asset quite easily - instructions on their site, plus its a 30 day licence.

I think MinimServer needed a couple of modules to install - although that may have changed now.

Did you try the full power down of your NAS, with power removed, plus an inspection of the ethernet cable? Do you know what type of ethernet cable it is, e.g. CAT 5 or 5e or higher?

Testing with VLC player might also help to add diagnostics - it should see your NAS on the network, and you should then be able to play tracks to your PC

Dear All, Thank you for the advices. I think the problem is in sort of instability of the network (Internet) connection. @Blitznack : what do you mean by version of NDX2?

He possibly means Firmware version is up-to-date

Do also double check your network cables. They ideally need to be CAT 5e or above. Its written on the side of the cable usually.

Just temporarily move the router/NAS/NDX2 close together and eliminate the bridge. Play some files until you have the same problem or don’t. That will tell you if the bridge arrangement is the issue.

excactly that, check if your firmware is up to date.

Who long is your cable? Is that cable directly attached to the router?
I personaly prefer a CAT7 or CAT6e and not less then S/FTP

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