Nasty discharges revisited

Inherent to vinyl replay are these occasional discharges popping up every so often probably familiar to everyone playing vinyl. Some arise from the record itself some may be related to power irregularities, infrequent and mostly not so worrysome. Every so often yet I have found some more disturbing discharges on playing vinyl. This has been going on actually over quite some prolonged period. Some times they were more frequent then again they seem to have vanished just to come back even more frequent and intense. To track down these more disturbing or nasty pops I have spent quite considerable time and effort suspecting all various components and connections within the chain, from cables interconnects plugs the cart tonearm, phonopre and so trying to locate a culprit. My most suspected item actually was the tonarm plug which now turns out innocent. Only recently also Peter pointed me towards that it turns out that these discarges actually may stem from the SupercapDR powering my superline. Since I now have temporailiy replaced the SC with a HC these discharges have disappeared -so did the soundstage but thats another issue. So in case someone else is experiencing such discharges its worth looking into some of the PSs for the phono pre. As my SC is from 2012 and in need for a service anytime soon anyeway thats what will happen. When it comes back those pops better be gone and the soundstage back.

Read title, thought this is one deffo for padded cell…!
Relieved to read it is about hifi…

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If you’ve ever suffered from acute dacryocystitus (bacterial infection and inflammation of the tear duct/lacrimal sac) you’ll know ALL about nasty discharges!


I do! For many years related to hayfever I developed a nasty nasal polyp which would ooze yuck, thankfully it’s now gone :triumph:

Yuk. Good job we are not on Mumsnet.

Best to get them out of your system.

Here she is my little criminal sc from 2012. Maybe not so the cool story, nevertheless it has been a real challenge to track down the fault causing those static discharges with vinyl replay. Only after meticulously ruling out a problem with the tonearm cart Superline armlead and various connections the only variable left was the supercap. Indeed temporarily replacing it with a high cap the discharges disappeared. So time for a service. Hope my findings might be helpful for other supercap/Superline users here facing similar problems

That Supercap looks perilously positioned.
The transformer keeping it on a knife edge. Too much time spent fiddling with a tone arm I’m guessing.

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