Nationwide BS

I’ve been a happy First Direct customer for over 20 years but recently the link with HSBC is getting very annoying, to the extent HSBC don’t really want to know FD customers, especially if you want cash other than from an ATM, and a few other things.

So I’m thinking of swapping and wondering about Nationwide - does anyone have any feedback the quality of their services?

I cant help you on your Nationwide question, but I think HSBC as a whole dont really care about their customers…noted the cash ISA interest is being reduced to 0.01% later this month. Apparently times are hard (so they say) but it doesnt seem to stop them paying shareholders £millions every year!!

What is it you’re looking for from the bank?

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I think anyone who believes their multi-national, billion dollar turnover bank is interested in them is either deluded, or fabulously wealthy.

Local branch service has largely evaporated and loyalty has no value. I reckon you might as well pick your bank with a pin and a blindfold. Or maybe I am cynical!



We have been with Nationwide for over 30 years and have never had a problem. Their banking app is brilliant and dead easy to use. We have a FlexPlus account, which costs £13 a month, which saves us money instead of buying travel insurance and car breakdown. It used to pay credit interest but sadly that went a while ago. The debit card can be used in Europe without fees and at the proper exchange rate, not a bank’s rubbish one. There are also various member only savings accounts that pay a bit more than the standard ones. So yes, I’d recommend them.


Me to

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Well you beat me to the punch there. Been with Nationwide in both Wales and England since 1988. Never personally had major issues bar two occasiona. One where I challenged £10 I was alleged to have taken from an ATM which they accepted, with the utmost reluctance, that I had proven I was in a completely different place.

Earlier this year I found my debit card blocked out of the blue on some BandCamp payments. That was genuinely interesting. I was given 7 very different explanations as to why it had happened. Bottom line was they had no idea because the decision was made by an algorithm. Their expectation is that you will willingly surrender your phone number as apparently they text you to check whether it’s you. Something to bear in mind.

I also witnessed Mrs. H. being treated appallingly in the Manchester Cross Street branch, which cost them some flowers, a very expensive bottle of wine and E500 in compensation.

I would still say that over 33 years that’s a pretty impressive outcome.

The app is fine but not without its quirks. However, steeets ahead of others I have seen.

I would have liked to have had a mortgage with them but it’s the one area they’ve been consistently weak on. Their offers to existing savers can be easily and consistently beaten.

Many years back I had the full First Direct sales pitch. Thought it was pathetic to be honest. I have had a HSBC Welsh credit card for an equal length of time and it has also ticked along without incident.

Been with them since the 1980s , the app and on-line banking are very good and the service where I live is very friendly

I like the idea of mutuality but in reality they have been competitors of the big high street banks for years

I must echo HH’s comments

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Another one here to recommend Nationwide.
Been with them 30 years and no issue.
Live in Ireland now, so all banking done online, but app is good and happy with service

If they’re nationwide, aren’t they bad?

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I have experience with both HSBC & Nationwide. HSBC I agre, really don’t care. But they are as bad as another other major bank. My Current account is still with them.

I have had a number of Accounts with Nationwide and these have been problem free. I still have an account with them. However… when I had a Nationwide Credit Card, I got a load of hassle - with false fraudulent transactions - and ended up dumping the Card. Am now with Barclaycard… No probs so far…


Customer since 1986. No issues so far.

Can only agree with others: NW have been excellent over the years we’ve been with them.

I was with another NW before, for years - NatWest. Was happy to switch to N Wide.

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Moved to Nationwide a few years ago after 40 years with the Co-op. Everything has been fine and my wife and daughter-in-law have followed. They used to have a deal where you got £100 for introducing someone - maybe worth seeing if it’s still available.

Been with first direct for years and, after a major falling out with HSBC who I had banked with for 40 years, switched virtually everything to first direct for my personal banking. Agree about HSBC - used to be a good bank for personal banking but these days they couldn’t give a monkeys about customers.

Strangely I have found, and continue to find, fd pretty good even though they are owned by HSBC. But never say never. Now the mortgage is repaid (the fd deal was far too good to ever consider switching), a change is possible so I will be following this thread.

I have some in depth, but somewhat out of date, knowledge of the internal attitudes of Nationwide BS*…

…And it’s not BS (in the usual sense of that abbreviation), the staff (including managers and directors) do (mostly) believe in the principle of mutuality; that the whole purpose of being a mutual is to support the members by providing financial services. The status of members as members of the society rather than customers of an organisation is genuinely a key pillar of the philosophy of the society.

*… make of that what you will, but it is true!

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Over 30 yrs and have mortgage , savings and current account. Agree with all said here and you can pick up the phone and talk to them, which is getting rare these days

I have a savings account with Nationwide, opened on the recommendation of my parents who have held savings and other products with them for over 30 years. My experience has been OK - they often try to get me to switch my current account to them (when I opened the savings account, they were more interested in getting me to sign up to a current account, as opposed to the savings account…). I’ve recently been looking at mortgages, and was disappointed to find they no longer offer face to face appointments - telephone or video call is the best they will offer, which I found a little offputting. My parents’ experience is definitely excellent though - Nationwide have repeatedly gone above and beyond for them, particularly when dealing with my late Grandmother’s estate.

I would definitely avoid TSB though - my parents bank with them, and since the takeover by Sabadell the service has deteriorated considerably - lots of branch closures/opening hours reductions, many long serving members of staff have been made redundant, staff shortages meaning branches have to open fewer days, surly managers, awful IT system which causes issues and loss of access to accounts, I could go on further…

Friend of mine worked on TSB IT when they were merging with Lloyds. They didn’t want to pay what he to;d them it would cost to do it properly and securely so he gave them a clear written warning of the consequences and walked away one Sunday morning. Everything since then is a consequence of that decision.

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